Cardfight!! Online – First Impressions: Stand up, Cardfight!! Online!

Well, Cardfight!! Online Closed Beta has been in my hands for about…

Screenshot (8)

… That’s not a lot of hours, considering how hyped up I was about this game. But hey, I got a lot of gameplay in, right in between editing videos and planning for recording sessions for this week’s upcoming releases for the Granblue Trial Deck and GBT06.

So as I wait for the latest maintenance to come off, here are my first impressions of Cardfight!! Online, so far…

In a one-line summary, so far, so good.

Look and Aesthetics:

My game screen on the left, the promotional picture on the right.

The game looks great. It is as what was advertised during the hype build up to this game.

Dempster, be proud of me! My first win was with Thavas’ trial deck!


I made an earlier criticism about fight information like player hand sizes and number of cards in the deck and drop zone being to the side. I have to say that I didn’t mind being proven wrong about that. I spent most of the time looking at the field and planning my next move than wondering those small details, which I could pick up at a quick glance. Font size could be a little bigger, but it does its job well.

The cards are clear and accessing their information by right-clicking them in the menus and cardfight is made natural to the player.

Clear information that I need to see well enough.

They even included the tiniest of details that, when noticed, is quite amazing to see. With the first gold coins I received, I bought myself a sleeve from the shop. I went and equipped the sleeve on, and the small detail of a white/grey border around the card was visible. It was a realistic depiction of a card sleeve being used in a deck. So when you use a sleeve, you’re really putting your cards into that sleeve. What I thought at first was a graphical error turned out to be more than just a picture slapped onto the back of a card like a skin.

The hand may be bad, but the sleeve is oh so good!

Gameplay (Cardfights):

The gameplay is very solid so far. As far as I have played, there has been no problems with the turns of the game. Every step is not missed out at all, and aside from a hiccup or two in regards to rulings and aesthetics due to bugs, the game system is very solid.

The online component is great, it’s rare that I encounter a player who disconnects mid-battle, so it’s a solid net code. Though I have to point out that if your own connection isn’t strong, you may end up disconnecting mid-fight.

Shop and Crafting:

Screenshot (9)
A little shopping for your needs!

The shop, while limited currently in the closed beta, is easy to access and filter. Everything is sorted in their categories and it’s easy to click a tab to find what you are specifically looking for in the shop, from booster packs to trial decks to sleeves and avatars.

The packs are different from real life, in that you get 7 cards in 1 pack, with 1 being Rare and above. You’ll definitely have a lot of commons coming in, but the game is smart and automatically disenchant your extra cards into CP.

Screenshot (10)
Ahh, the crafting page. I’ll see you every pack buy!

The crafting UI isn’t the same as the shop where cards are not so sorted well enough. There’s so many cards in the closed beta, some with different rarities, that it’s already a bit of hassle to find the card you are looking for to craft or disenchant into CP. Definitely way too many for the filter to work as robustly as it did in deck build and shop, and it’s only going to get worse when more cards are introduced into the game.

There needs to be a better system in play. Case in point being that I never knew that there was Aqua Force and Link Joker promo cards that I could create. I only found out when I happened to filter for PR rarity cards only. Boosts for those two clans start in GCB02 and GBT03, respectively. Because I didn’t know I could craft Dark Metal Chameleon for my Link Joker deck, I ended up crafting Atmos instead. Only because it was sitting between Arborea and Altmile, as a Grade 4 G unit.

All that aside, it is still nice to be able to specifically craft the one card you need, instead of grinding quests and testing your luck everyday on packs, hoping you find what you want. Granted, the higher rarities are a little expensive, but there was mention that tournaments reward players with CP as well as gold coins. So maybe the cards you are looking for is just a release date away.

(I don’t have a screenshot of either the shop or crafting pages. But I will update the blog with them soon)

Other Goods:

Originally, when you wanted to challenge, say, a friend. There used to be a limited number of challenges that you could do a day. But after the maintenance patch, it was removed, and we even get notifications on when we are challenged.

Gee, I wonder who that could be?

The daily quests are challenging, but fairly rewarding for the time you put in for them. It’s always hard to earn enough through playing, so the quest system is a very welcome and naturally fitting addition to the game.

While I understand the inevitable fate that is to come, I like that you could challenge your friends to clear your quests. Sure, it does open the door to win trading, but I don’t mind it either way if they fix it or not. Earning 300 gold to buy yourself a pack isn’t easy, but it gives the space the game needs to give to players, so they don’t burn themselves out of the game on day three. Like I said before, the quests fit naturally into the game and they may be tough but rewarding. So far, the only challenging one I had to clear was defeat 7 rear guards for 200 gold coins. Not a bad challenge for good coin, I’d say.

Other Bads:

The criticism that I really have with Cardfight!! Online mainly revolves around two things. Clunkiness and consistency.

When you type in the game for, let’s say, renaming your deck name. I can’t type at the normal speed I usually do, so there is a cutoff point for when it can’t register. Half the time that happens, you think there is a character limit, when it actually is client-to-server lag. It makes typing in stuff clunky.

Then there’s the buttons, which, when you press it, sometimes doesn’t register as a button hit. There is the pros and cons to consider when deciding on whether or not the button activates on click or on click-release, if you get what I’m saying.

I am completely theorising here by saying that it may be because there is a memory leak somewhere. It’s still closed beta and the purpose of the closed beta is to learn from people what kind of bugs are still in the code and squish them. I don’t have definite proof that it is. It could be because my game window minimises whenever I use another program that causes it. (I have a second screen by the way) I don’t know. But that leads me to another thing about clunkiness, which is a lack of various resolutions and a windowed fullscreen mode.

Currently, there is full screen and windowed mode, but not a windowed fullscreen mode, which makes it a little frustrating for me, when I did my livestream. Because it is in fullscreen mode, the game window minimises down to reveal my desktop, even though I had my program up on my second screen. There’s also not a lot of various screen resolutions available. Currently I have 1024, 1360 and 1366, all by 768. (The last one is my max screen resolution.), and what’s funny is that it is the game itself that changes, not the window, so you will see black borders around the game when you change resolution.

Another thing about that is that when I first launched Cardfight!! Online, the game was set just nicely in windowed mode that fills up my entire first screen, without me needing to adjust my window or anything. But when I changed my game resolution. I could not reset it back to the original window size that it once was. So it forces me to fullscreen mode, and that’s when the lack of a windowed fullscreen mode becomes something slightly more important than what it was once before.

Now, in terms of consistency, I refer to the gameplay. I’ve been playing Link Joker a lot, and when they prompt you to counterblast or soul blast, they pop up a screen for you to choose your cards to blast with. But when you get a heal trigger, and you are able to heal, where was that pop up?

Actually, my gripe isn’t the lack of a pop up for healing. The problem I have is that half the time I’m playing and paying counterblast costs, I’m actually clicking on the card in the damage zone to select it for counterblast, and then realising that there is a pop up for that. Not only that, but there is inconsistencies with choosing your rear guards too. In one scenario, you get a pop up for when you need to choose a rear guard, but in another scenario, you choose a selected card on your field, and even then, it’s hard to see if what you have selected is really chosen.

They should just keep the pop up in specific situations that deals isn’t clickable on the field, like at the start of the game when you choose the cards you want to return back, when you G assist and reveal the hand to your opponent or when you soulblast. Counterblasts and unit choice should being selected on the field when the time comes to use them.

The clunkiness and consistency are the major ones for me that brings the game down a bit. The other minor problems include the aforementioned hard-to-see selection border, tooltips on buttons in the menus so that we can know what they do, as well as some suggestions to make the game a little more user-friendly, among other stuff.


But overall, the game is solidly built and is refined for a closed beta stage release. They learnt from what’s already out there. Hearthstone, the 3DS games, you can see what they clearly learnt in the game’s presentation. If the speed of the fight could be hastened in terms of the speed of the data being sent from client to server, the game would be much better, among other fixed issues, in my opinion.
Cardfight!! Vanguard looks like it can shine well on Steam, and with any luck, it can bring eyes to more people around the world to the game. Cardfight!! Vanguard is fun, as I’m sure most of you will agree, and I’m glad that it being on Steam will open more eyes to that.

After all, the game is not celebrating it’s 5th anniversary for nothing, am I right?

I give Cardfight!! Online’s Closed Beta a Perfect Raizer/10 for its strong presentation. Despite its shortcomings, it can only be improved further in its lifespan. I only hope that it does once the game is released.
(Real rating: 8.5/10)

If you have anything to ask about Cardfight!! Online, be sure to leave them here in the comments for us to answer. We’ll do our best to answer them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Victor deck to try and build up, once the game comes off maintenance.

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– Captain

Cardfight!! Online – First Impressions: Stand up, Cardfight!! Online!

Alfred and His Merry Knights~ – Leon’s Royal Paladin Alfred Deck

Hello Guys~

What’s up! It’s already closing to the end of Dec and a new year of excitement is approaching!

So recently we posted up a fight video which was between <Royal Paladin> Alfred Deck against <Link Joker> Messiah Deck and our fellow YouTuber William Lee requested for Alfred’s deck list. So he shall have it be bestowed upon by it! >:3

Alfred Deck list

First Vanguard:-
Guidepost Sage, Elron

4 Seeker, Hallowed Breath Dragon (Critical)
4 Impact Seeker, Modoron (Critical)
Bringer of Good Luck, Epona (Critical)
3 Encourage Angel (Stand)
4 Seeker, Loving Healer (Heal)

Grade 1s:-
Flash Shield, Iseult (Sentinel)
Defending Seeker, Shiron (Sentinel)
Knight of Shield Bash
Grynngal Seeker
Swordsman of Light, Junos

Grade 2s:-
Blaster Blade
Blaster Blade Seeker
Blaster Blade Spirit
Swordsman of Light, Ahmes
Knight of Loyalty, Bedivere
Starlight Violinist
Swordsman of Light, Blaster Axe Grawl
Undulatory Sage, Tarna

Grade 3s:-
Alfred Early
King of Knights, Alfred
Light Source Seeker, Alfred Exiv
King’s Adjutant Knight, Galehaut

Rain Element, Madew
Shrouded Divine Knight, Gablade
Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile
Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon
Transmigratory Dragon, Holy Squire Dragon

Some points to take note:

  • This deck is build for early to mid game rushes. It’s not even afraid of an opponent trying to grade lock, because you will be able to get Alfred no matter what. It’s great against most Legion/Stride decks today. HOWEVER, the primary problem for it is that when a battle starts to drag, there is a good chance that this deck won’t be able to hold since it’s not like Blue Sky Knight, Altmile, who has a passive ability to boost up your front row by 5k Power on GB2. So you might wanna end the game as soon as possible, before it comes to that. 🙂
  • You may have guessed that Alfred Exiv is the intended Grade 3 this deck wants to ride up to, and you are correct. Which is why I put Bedivere in this deck, as well as Grynngal Seeker. With Blaster Axe Grawl and Junos, there’s not much need for Exiv’s ability where it is +1k Power for every Seeker on the field. It helps here and there, but ultimately, being able to have 5 or more units for the extra critical will definitely put your opponent on the edge.

So these are the cards contain in my personal Alfred deck, as this is my own build. There are more than just one way to do this so just add whatever that you feel that would float your knights.

So, if you have any queries, comments or suggestions, feel free to let Dempster, Captain or myself know. If you like this and would like to see more Vanguard content that we have come up with, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us here on our blog. You can keep up to date on all of our releases on Twitter @CrossboneVGs, and on our Facebook page here.

If you have any cardfights or deck profile requests, do leave them on our videos, and we will try our best to bring them to you. Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you soon!

Have fun~!
– Leon

Alfred and His Merry Knights~ – Leon’s Royal Paladin Alfred Deck

Cardfight!! Online: New Screenshots and Impressions

So, there has been some new screenshots that surfaced in regards to Cardfight!! Online. I happened to visit their website, which you can visit here. And it was vastly different than from what it was before, with the banging header image of Amnesty Messiah, Chronoscommand Dragon and Dragonic Overlord the Ace.

Now I will admit that, in my last post, I was wrong to say that Cardfight!! Online didn’t put out enough to tide fans over the new wait. They still need to put up a gameplay demo to give us a preview of how much they have done as well as show off what it is that people can expect from the game. But with the slew of images that I have found on their website, it seems like I can begin dissecting them and figuring out what we can expect.

This is gonna be a long post, because there is a lot to talk about here. So…


So this image has to be the top menu. The menu you see when you first come online to Cardfight!! Online. Quite a lot to take in but let’s break things down here.

At the top, you have a avatar picture and your user name display next to what looks like Gold Coins and CP. Changing your avatar is common place. Nothing special about that. As for the Gold Coins and CP, we know for sure that Gold Coins are the in-game currency, which I will touch upon later.

Below that, you have 4 buttons. “Information”, “Inbox”, “DailyQuest” and “Achievement”. “Information” and “Inbox” are inconsequential. Nothing noteworthy. But as I had predicted before, there is a “DailyQuest” system. This is a good step in the right direction, I feel, because in this day and age, daily quest systems is a standard inclusion in most games these days. It makes the game worth coming back everyday to play. But the “Achievement” button is a big surprise. I do realize that it is on Steam and there most likely will be an achievement system, but if completing those achievements allow players to earn rewards, that will be phenomenal. Imagine the rewards you can get for achieving some of the more difficult ones. If they do put a reward system for achievements, this game already blows my expectations sky high.

Moving on now, you’ll see Chronojet Dragon on the front screen, with the “Card of the Day” area and the “Generation Stride” booster pack image. I’m not sure if you can customise your front screen to change Chronojet Dragon to another unit, but one can only hope. The “Card of the Day” is a nice touch, as well as the GBT-01 image. I would gander a guess that they are clickable and you can go to the card information and game shop respectively when you click on them.

At the bottom, we see buttons for “Card Fight” and “Deck Build”. And below them, there’s “Top Page”, “Shop”, “Crafting”, “Profile”, “Community” and “Function”. Self explanatory for each one. But what does “Crafting” mean? Are they implementing a crafting system of some kind? Where you can craft specific cards? Did they actually read my blog post and took my advice in modelling after Hearthstone?! QAQ

Okay, I’ll just put that aside and move on. I can only speculate what “Crafting” could mean, as there is not that much that would lead us to a conclusive answer. Taking it into mind, we can only assume that CP would stand for “Crafting Points”, and if it does, it would play a huge part in “Crafting”.


Moving on, we have the shop screen. As I said, it is pretty safe to assume that Gold Coins are the currency. One can speculate that you can buy more Gold Coins with real money. It makes the currency system simple, which is good. On the tabs, you see “All”, “Campaign”, “New”, “Pack”, “Pre Built Deck” and “Other”. Now “Other” could mean that purchase of Gold Coins that I mentioned earlier. “Campaign” is hard to guess. One I can think of right now would be limited release packs and/or decks. That raises one of my fears, in the fact that they will sell packs, cards and decks during a certain period of time and if you miss it, you either won’t be able to get it and have to craft it, or have to wait for its next cycle to purchase it. Now that we know that there is a “DailyQuest” system in place, I’m not so fussy about this, but I still wish the “Campaign” tab means something other than that.

Moving on, we see that one of the tabs says “Pre Built Deck” and not “Trial Deck”. I assume it generally means a tab where players can purchase Trial Decks, but it would be interesting to broaden that idea of “Pre Built Deck”, like say being able to buy deck recipes that the anime characters use, from Aichi to Chrono, Kai to Mamoru, Ren to Kanzaki, and so on. It makes the game tie in with the anime nicely, but my guess is that’s not gonna be the case, due to the following…


Here is the Deck Build screen. Super sleek and neatly designed. It reminds me of the YuGiOh Tag Force games on the Playstation Portable. It does borrow heavily from the 3DS games that are out on Japanese 3DSes, but that’s not a bad thing at all.

We don’t have much of an idea on how many deck recipes we can save, but from what I see here, the UI looks friendly and easy to use to start building your decks from the ground up.


For this one, I am not too certain what this screen is. Perhaps the “Profile” screen? I’m not certain. The information you see here shows your rank and tournament wins from bronze onwards, your chosen playmat and sleeves, and your fight results, which shows you how many wins you have in specific categories. The self introduction box is unique. I believe that they have that in as a default intro that each player will do once they go into a fight. Which might hint at the notion that there won’t be any sort of chat system, like Hearthstone, where you are limited to certain emotes and such. Perhaps it is limited to the “Community” tab, but like some of the stuff we’ve seen, it’s hard to say.

I find it odd that you can change your “player name”. In this instance, you can change your name from Jaime_Alcaraz to something else with that option. I don’t know the reason as to why they would have that option. Perhaps someone might want their player name to be Soryu_Leon,  but hey, as long as they have their word filter system, the only thing one can be insulted about player names is how uninspired they can be. No offense.

As you can see, there are 4 types of fights you can take part in. “Tournament” and “Rank” as well as two types of “Free Battle”.

Clan Fight and Extreme Fight. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Extreme Fight, but it does give players the option to play they way they want to. If you aren’t familiar with Extreme Fight at all, Extreme Fight is where players can build a deck with any units from any clan. Currently the default fight rule is Clan Fight, where you are limited to using the clan you are building for, with some exceptions, such as the case of Majesty Lord Blaster decks allowing up to 4 copies of Blaster Dark. Extreme Fight rules lifts that restriction and you can build and play as and how you like.

I like how aesthetically pleasing these versus screen are, and how it looks like the screens you’d see in fighting games like Street Fighter.

Now these are the in-game fight screens. I don’t have that much to say about them, except for a couple of critiques, which is that the numbers for Damage, Hand, Deck and Drop are too small and/or can’t be seen with the background being the Vanguard circle. While all of the information you want to know are all on screen and you don’t necessary need to look at that in text, it should be information that you should be able to see properly at a glance. It would work better with a solid background, even though I know you are going with the cyber theme in your look of the game.

I noticed that in the second picture, there seems to be a countdown timer. I assume that it’s a timer that will immediate end the phase or step if you let it expire. It is a welcome addition in a way that it avoids “AFKers” from holding up the game on purpose. I hope that they are generous with the time.

There’s only one image left to talk about, and that is this screen.


A tutorial screen and list, which all games must have. What’s nice about it is that they reward you for completing the tutorials, so that you can get started immediately after learning the game. This is good for people who are curious on how to play Vanguard. They can easily learn from this for free without any commitments at all. And with the reward being a Trial Deck, they feel at ease investing more time into the game.

Okay well, that’s a doosy of a post I have typed out, but being able to talk about it gets me very pumped up to play it, seeing how well designed it looks and some of the features we can expect from it. Amazingly, it’s shaping up better than I ever expected and the direction it is going ticks every box on my list for this game looking good. If there is ever a chance that Dempster, Leon and/or myself can get access to the beta, we will be sure to talk about how the actual game is, if they let us. And be sure to keep up to date with us on our full review of this game.

Also to note, there will be a Cardfight!! Online Twitter Q&A on November 20th, between 11am to 11:30am Japan Standard Time (GMT+9). During that time, you can tweet them your questions @cfvangaurd_en. We’re not certain if we will take part in that Q& A, but we may be able to pick out certain questions from the Q&A and put them here for you.

Cardfight!! Online has been postponed to Early 2016, but after seeing all of this, I don’t mind the wait at all. Take the time to need to shine it up real nice, developers. We’ll be waiting!

Stand up, my Vanguard and Raizer Power!
– Captain

Cardfight!! Online: New Screenshots and Impressions

News Update: Cardfight!! Online postponed to Early 2016

As the headline states, let me post the official statement made on the official Cardfight!! Online Facebook Page.

“Cardfight!! Online will be releasing in 2016 instead of the previously announced late 2015. We’re spending the necessary extra time to ensure that we deliver a quality game to our players and fans. We are terribly sorry for the delay and hope for your support.

We know that you’re excited about the beta, so are we. We’re currently making preparations to launch the beta in early 2016. Selected players will be invited to join us during the beta testing phase to help make the final polish for various aspects of the game before the launch. More information will be available when we are ready to head into beta.”


A bummer for me, as it was getting super close to the end of the year and they had to postpone it. But they announced a closed beta release, so that’s a good thing to know that you have that coming out.

I’m not too fuzzed about it though. Even triple-A titles gets the occasional date postponement from time to time. If it meant that the game will be released much more polished and complete, then I am all for it. It is all that I ask the developers of Cardfight!! Online to do for this game.

However, developers, would you like a heads up? It will be nice for us fans to get a gameplay demo very soon. I like that your latest picture you posted contains different photos from when you initially announced Cardfight!! Online. But it’s not enough to tide us over until the new release date, so here’s hoping that you will have something like that for us soon. (And here’s hoping me saying that will not kill my chances at getting into the beta.)

Anyways, if you’d like to see my previous posts on Cardfight!! Online, from news to impressions and such, click here for all the posts I’ve made tagged with “Cardfight Online” on this blog. And be sure to look out for my review of Cardfight!! Online when it comes out.

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– Captain

News Update: Cardfight!! Online postponed to Early 2016

Video: G-BG04 – Soul Strike Against the Supreme Unboxing


… and we’re back with the new GBT-04 Unboxing videos.

Please share the video with your friends, if they are looking forward to the BT and do subscribe to us on your Youtube channel, so that you can stay up to date with our new video releases. 🙂

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– Captain

Video: G-BG04 – Soul Strike Against the Supreme Unboxing

Deck Profile: Captain’s Royal Paladin Pure Season 1 Deck

Hello everyone! 🙂

So to keep the ball rolling on our Deck Profiles, I have put up another one of my decks that we have shown in one of our Fight Videos, which is my Royal Paladin Galahad deck.

Just to give you guys some context, one of my strengths in Vanguard, or basically in most card games, is theorycrafting deck builds from whatever I had on hand and whatever I could get within a minimal budget. This deck I made and showcased in the video is a revival of my old Garmall/Garmore-Soul Saver Dragon deck I had, and it is entirely old-school and purely Season 1. When Cardfight!! Online launches and is good, I will definitely be building this deck in there, as well as others in a similar fashion.

So without further ado…

Starting Vanguard:

4 Bringer of Good Luck, Epona (Critical)
2 Alabaster Owl (Critical)
3 Margal (Draw)
4 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (Heal)
3 Silent Sage, Sharon (Stand)

Grade 1s:-
4 Knight of Quests, Galahad
4 Snogal
3 Flash Shield, Iseult (Sentinel)
2 Pongal

Grade 2s:-
4 Knight of Tribulations, Galahad
2 Beast Knight, Garmall
3 Knight of Silence, Gallatin
2 Blaster Blade

Grade 3s:-
3 Knight of Godly Speed, Galahad
2 Soul Saver Dragon
2 Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes
2 Fang of Light, Garmall


  • The idea is simple. Use Galahad to ride up, Garmall to fill your back row with Snogals and finish off your opponent using Soul Saver Dragon. On a full ride up, you already have enough soul for Soul Saver Dragon, and need one more unit in the soul for Galahad’s skill.
  • I don’t use High Dog Breeder, Akane, because her counterblast cost is too high to pay. I chose to keep my counterblast options offensive with Blaster Blade and Galahad. I already know who I want to call out to the back row, and both Grade 2 and 3 Garmalls keep it to that one choice.
  • You could say its counter-productive to put the cards at the bottom of your deck with Galahad and then have them shuffled up again with Garmall. As much as knowing what your last 15 or less cards are, the games I play with this deck don’t last very long, either in my win or loss. I take comfort in knowing that I know what’s still in there, in terms of triggers or units. Plus, while you still need to play the game in your favor, you still maintain control over the choice of shuffling your deck.
  • Supposedly, I could give this deck an upgrade from the Royal Paladin G Format, but I didn’t have the money to buy them at the time. If I do ever grab one and upgrade it, I will most surely make a new post, and record a Fight Video with it.
  • On that last note, here are some ideal Strides that you can use with this deck:-

That’s all I have for this deck. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and Leon, Dempster or myself will answer them to the best of our ability.

At the same time, do subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us here at as well as our Twitter @CrossboneVGs.

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– Captain

Deck Profile: Captain’s Royal Paladin Pure Season 1 Deck

VG-G-BT04 – Conquer Divine Spirits Strike (討神魂撃)

Just a few days ago, news about the next Booster in line was released.


The 4th in the Vanguard G line – Conquer Divine Spirits Strike (討神魂撃 Toshin Kongeki in Japanese) will be released on the 28th August in Japanese, while the English release date has yet to be announced. This set will provide further boost for the following clans:

Gear Chronicle
Royal Paladin
Neo Nectar
Shadow Paladin
Angel Feather
Cray Elemental

As you can see, all of these clans have had either some sort of appearance or slated to appear in the anime, the most prominent being Genesis and Angel Feather, following the fight between Team Demise and Team Try3, of which the latter lost due to a bunch of mindeff hoohahs.


Some of the iconic units return, with seemingly different designs, namely Chronojet Dragon, Altmile and Ahsha. Though not officially confirmed, this probably means that they’ll make a comeback as G-Units, requiring the aforementioned units as hearts in order to activate certain skills.

As per the previous set, Conquer Divine Spirits Strike will contain 2 GRs, one of them (obviously) being Chrono Dragon Nextage.

Personally I feel that Conquer Divine Spirits Strike sounds like a really weird name. I get that they’re keeping as close to the Japanese title as possble, but it’s nice to have a bit of creative variety once in a while. Something like, say, “Battle Spirits Strike”? I’m looking too deep into this, so oh well.

Another thing that I feel might happen is that they will provide minimal but significant boosts to certain clans like Shadow Paladin (since they were heavily boosted in G-BT03) and maybe even Neo Nectar, similar to how Gear Chronicle and Royal Paladin got boosted back in G-BT02 since they already had their respective Trial Decks and large boost in G-BT01. But hey, this is just a speculation on my part so don’t take it too seriously.

More information will be released soon, so keep yourself updated with us!

– Dempster

VG-G-BT04 – Conquer Divine Spirits Strike (討神魂撃)