World Grand Prix 2016 – Event Coverage

This is quite late, but better late than never, yes?

Josephine here with another event coverage, and this time is the annual World Grand Prix, or WGP for short! This takes place alongside with the Bushiroad World Championships as well.

As we all should know by now, this is the biggest tournament held in different countries across the world across several months. As usual for us in Singapore it takes place at Suntec Convention Centre this time on the 29th and 30th of November. The main tournament for Japanese Vanguard was on Saturday, and everyone who took part did their best to prepare for the big day!

The day started bright and early… well, at least for the three who were there to participate and take these pictures. Again, let us give credit to Dempster for these photographs!

Registration begun at 10am sharp, those who registered were able to enter the hall. You would not believe how crowded this big empty space would become until you were there to see if for yourself.


To note, those not participating were not allowed to enter until 10.30am,

As usual, we see a line of merchandise up for sale at the booths set up by some of our local shops. Ranging from the cards themselves to sleeves and cases, you can anything you need to prepare for a round of card games with your friends.


And it seems that something has caught Leon’s eye… I wonder what it could be?


It seems that there is an unusual booth this year, for those of you who have noticed. This is for Project Frontier, something which we have little information on at the time of this writing, but we would get to know more about it in due time.


The stage area is graced with the standees of our favourite idol duo, Am and Luna of RUMMY LABYRINTH. Stunning, aren’t they?


As usual, we had a guest artist visit this year for live drawing sessions, and it is Makai no Jumin (魔界の住民). However, unlike previous years we also have a voice actress as a guest: the voice of Tokura Misaki, Kitta Izumi! As usual, there are autograph sessions being held for both guests, as well as a chance to fight Kitta Izumi in the gunslinger session on Sunday!

More details on that later and let’s get talking about the fights!


Representing us this year are Ben, Brian, Jasmine, Jiraiya, JJ and Lance! Did you get a chance to fight them?

Dempster went around to check on them during of their fights; let’s take a look at them in action!

I would like to put everyone’s reflections here word-for-word, but I shall just summarise it the best I can.

First things first, there were a lot of Gear Chronice and Granblue decks, as observed. However, there were still a variety of other clans being used, including Touken Ranbu. There were fights which lasted longer than expected, others ending quite quickly. Some of us were blessed with good luck on that day, while others not so.

More or less, most of it is all part of the experience everyone has when playing vanguard and I’m sure you could agree.

I am also proud to announce that both Ben and Brian made it to the top 16! Congratulations, gentlemen, and thank you everyone for your hard work!

On Sunday, only Dempster, Brian and myself stopped by the event in the afternoon for the gunslinger session as we were there for another event which some of you may know about, known as Idolicious (not sponsored!) to catch up with some friends.

And it seems that it was an extremely lucky weekend for Brian, who also got the chance to fight Kitta Izumi in the gunslinger and won! It was a rather interesting fight to say the least, and although it was not the best everyone had fun, even for me who was just watching.

No pictures were allowed so we could not show you anything (but for those who were curious it was a Misaki vs. Kourin fight, if you caught my drift), but you should have seen that radiant smiling face! Why, it was even brighter that the light reflected off Gurguit’s armour! Well done, Brian!

All in all, I hoped that weekend had been enjoyable for you, just as it had been for us!

And just a small announcement to make, Crossbone Vanguards is hosting the second Vanguard of Charity event this coming Sunday, 13th of November from 10am to 6pm! The event will take place at Duller’s Point, and you can find more information on the event page or at the website here!

Hope to be able to see you this Sunday, and as always, happy fighting!

— Josephine

World Grand Prix 2016 – Event Coverage

Campus Game Fest, Day 1: G Quest!!

The time has come for us to embark on what may be mankind’s greatest journey. Who knows what perils may lie ahead, or what difficult trials we would have to overcome. So get ready and prepare your weapons…


Well, decks actually. Because it’s time for… the Crossbone Vanguards G Quest!

For those keeping up to date with us here, we had released the official G Quest list just a few days ago, and just earlier today we had the honour of conducting this one-day event at the Campus Game Fest at ITE College Central today!

As always, much thanks to Dempster for the awesome photographs.

Say hi, everyone!


Well, it was a busy morning so please pardon us for not noticing the camera.

The day opened bright and not-so early with few people, but soon we had our booth filled up nicely.


Aside from the enthusiastic people who came ready to rumble with the various decks in their arsenal, we also had people who came by to play a few rounds. We also held tutorial sessions today for players who were interested in Cardfight!! Vanguard but have yet to try the game.

Of course, some of us also had the opportunity to join in the fun!


For this G Quest, we had our challengers attempt our lists of quests categorised by their level of difficulty. Like the game itself, the ranks begin from Grade 0 and go all the way up to grade 4. In order to become a Generation Master, one must complete all the challenges we have set in place.

Of course, we begin with the “first vanguard”, for a journey of a thousand miles always starts with a single step, yes? As such, the road of endless fights must begin with, of course, a fight. It is an uphill climb, no doubt, as it gets much more challenging from there, as the road to becoming a Generation Master is most definite not easy.

However, we were amazed that we ended up with not one, but two Generation Masters! Let’s give these gentlemen a round of applause in congratulation, shall we?



There are also several others who were close, making it to grade three. However, what was important was that everyone had lots of fun today, giving it their very best!

For those who are unable to join us today or had fallen short of what you wanted to achieve, do not feel down! There will be another chance for you to do so, and when there is we will be sure to let you know!

There will be tournaments held over the weekend where we are at CGF, so if you have the time do head down and participate! Click here for more information!

Here ends my short coverage for today. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Happy fighting!

— Josephine

Campus Game Fest, Day 1: G Quest!!

Cardight!! Vanguard Asian Championship 2016 (Singapore) – Event Coverage


Hey there, everyone, how has it been going? Josephine here today with our coverage of the 2016 Asian Championship. Before we start, much thanks to Dempster for taking almost all the photographs for this article.

On the morning of the 2nd of April, an hour or two after the sun had long risen over the horizon, several of us had gathered at Suntec City Convention Center in preparation for this big day. And the very first thing that greeted us, as per every event, was the crowd.


A big crowd, scattered across the area near Hall 404.


Queueing for registration began about fifteen minutes before the appointed time as you can see from the time table above. The crowd, once divided, now gathered into two lines: one for Cardfight!! Vanguard, and the other for Weiss Schwarz.


As you can see, the queue for Weiss Schwarz pales in comparison to Vanguard’s.


For us at Crossbone Vanguards, only Ben, John, JJ and myself took part in the main tournament (for Vanguard, of course!). One of the reasons why some of us were perhaps reluctant to join was due to the tournament being held in the G regulation format, which meant that only cards printed with the nation’s flag at the bottom right corner of the card, cards that had been reprinted as well as the Cray Elemental and Touken Ranbu clans could be used.

Let us not dawdle on about this for now and leave that to the after-thoughts.

Upon entering the hall, we were greeted with the familiar mass spread of tables and chairs set out for both competitions as well as places for non-competitors to hang out and play.


And as per usual, as we proceeded to find us a place to drop our anchors and bags, the booths set up by various shops caught our eyes. All of them already had their wares in full display for people flooding in to take a gander. Our good man Leon was one of them. I hope you found something you liked?


As soon as we plopped down onto the seats, it was time for some warm ups. There was still plenty of time before the tournament starts, and both John and Ben got right down to it. Just not against each other.


In the meantime, for those not participating, it was time for casual fights, idle chit chats and simply just chilling around.

Say cheese!


Don’t mind me looking a little zoned-out; it’s probably one of the after-effects of medication. And hey, Chrono is here with us too! He’s looking a bit grumpy because he was dragged out of bed extra early.


I’m sorry if the position of my hands there looks rather, well, awkward.

Well, here are some snippets of us during the tournament. Don’t mind if some of us happen to be looking rather unglamorous in some of these photographs; stones will be thrown at Dempster for that if any offence was taken.




We may not have had any friendly fire this time between us Crossbone members, but we managed to get a rather amusing match-up against Ben and my little sister. It would have been an interesting match to watch if she did not get terribly grade-stuck, however.


As the tournament was done as a five-round Swiss rather than double-elimination, we managed to fight a handful of fighters. However, not all of us stayed for all five rounds: JJ withdrew after his second fight and John his fourth. As my purpose for joining this tournament was for testing my deck, I stayed for five rounds and Ben had an extra round, totalling up to six.

And as the main tournament was still underway, Leon and the rest had another plan in mind: to participate in the special rules tournament!


The special rules tournament consisted of three rounds and was in the extreme format. For each round, there were two special rules that either made or broke the game, chosen from a list via dice roll.

In accordance to Dempster, the special rules for each round are as follows:

First round: All units gain the “Resist” skill and each unit gets an extra drive check. That would mean that grade threes would have triple drive and all stride units quadruple drive.

Second round: All fighters have to play with their decks face up (but decks are shuffled face down) and they begin with four cards in their damage zone. Anyone who reaches ten damage points loses.

Third round: All units can only attack once (per turn) and everyone starts with a grade three as their first vanguard and one face-up unit in their G-zone. In addition, before each attack all fighters have to shout out “kyun-kyun attack!” or they would have to take one damage.

Indeed, it does seem interesting. Let’s see the gang in action.


Unfortunately I was not physically well enough to stay through the entire event, but from what I have heard, Dempster and JJ won all three of their match-ups, Leon two and I’m not too sure on how Jasmine and Brian fared. But it does seem that everyone had fun, so that is all that matters!


I believe this is the first time that G-regulation is being implemented in Singapore at a major tournament. As a result, there are mixed reactions from the community as to the restrictions that accompany the choice of this format. Allow me to summarise some of the points that some of us at Crossbones have discussed about in reflection of the tournament.

Naturally, with the limited choice of cards, one would see some common cards used for each clan. For example, I had the fortune of fighting against two Pale Moon decks, of which both focused on “Masked Magician, Harri”. Certain key cards remain almost the same, but there are several minor variations. However, some of us felt that Royal Paladin had an overwhelming advantage above the rest of the support for other clans in the G-era. This is particularly so due to several cards not needing restriction of the GB1 requirement to activate skills. Some examples named by John include “Starlight Violinist” and “Sage of Salvation, Benon” which allow for early field reinforcement.

In addition, while G-regulation supposedly balances out the meta and is intended to give the clans an equal footing, we still see a lot of Royal Paladin players making it to the top. In addition, there are fighters who resort to grade locking in order to delay a turn to be able to stride first. Indeed, with G-era decks, the first to stride has the upper hand, as that means being able to activate GB1 skills. However, looking it from another point of view supplied by JJ, it means that it also prevents combinations that are not restricted by Generation Break or by grade.

Getting grade-stuck and failing G-assist is something that leaves all of us bitter, and this is because it leaves us with lesser options to cope with the situation. It makes it worse when it happens to be your opponent’s lucky day and their triggers decide to show up earlier than you would love them to. Then again, Vanguard is a game that is very much based on luck compared to other card games, even if you do have skills to make up for the lack of it. With G-regulation, however, it would often be difficult to put those skills to the test.

Personally, I had the fortune once more in not facing any meta decks (which I presume is royal/shadow paladin or Kagerou decks), but even though I lost all but one of my fights I felt that I have learnt quite a bit yesterday. I would like to say that I am satisfied, but it reflects that I have much more to improve as a fighter.

And with all that needs to be said already out in the open, it is time to end this article. For those who attended the event, I hoped you had a good time and had lots of fun, just as we did.

Until next time, happy fighting!

— Josephine

Cardight!! Vanguard Asian Championship 2016 (Singapore) – Event Coverage

Unboxing + Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory

Good day, everyone! We have come to our final update of the Cardfight Vanguard G: Stride to Victory game! It has been about three and a half months since this game had been announced, and finally the game has been released!


As for me, I have managed to get my hands on a physical copy, having preordered it as soon as I could. For those unable to, you can purchase it on the e-shop for 5,980 yen.


My copy came with the before-mentioned preorder bonus: the card-sized cleaner cloth! It certainly is quite small, but it is the right size to bring along with you on the go!

Let’s take a look at the contents inside, shall we?


As you can see, we have the game cartridge on the right size, and on the left are the booklet with the controls as well as the promo cards that are only available with the physical copy of the game.


The five cards, as you can see, are foiled versions of the stride fodders, which are from the five clans which trial deck you can choose from when you begin the game.

I will be doing an introduction and a mini-review of the game in a separate post in due time.


Now that it is in my hands, time to play the game!

… Which is what I like to say, but I believe that I owe everyone the final update of the game, which relates to the Cardfight!! Vanguard side of the story surrounding Aichi and his mates.

This can only be unlocked after finishing the Vanguard G side of the game.

Screenshot 2016-01-17 13.55.51


You would start this part by choosing a character to play as. This is important, as each character has their own roles and duties to fulfil in the story, relating to the Vanguard (VG) Festival that is held in the town they live in. The official website provides a summary of each character’s route.

Screenshot 2016-01-17 13.57.02


For Aichi, his story relates to winning the tournament that is the highlight of the end of the VG Festival.

Kai is kept busy with his involvement in the VG festival. He has something that he wants to talk to Aichi about, but it seems like he cannot seem to find the time to.

Screenshot 2016-01-17 13.57.23


For Ren, who is graduating from high school soon, his route involves something coming to (his) mind during the festival.

On the other hand, Leon had arrived in Japan for an exhibition match. It is not explicitly stated who his opponent is, but from the image, we may assume that it is Mitsusada Kenji.

Screenshot 2016-01-17 13.58.41


Misaki is meeting Rati, who she has not met for a while and is touring around the festival with her.

As for Kamui, he has prepared a present for his beloved Emi-san! His route revolves him successfully passing it to her.

Screenshot 2016-01-17 14.01.00


Naoki is having a competition with Kamui to determine who can conquer the most stalls and food carts in the festival.

Miwa’s route focuses Hitsue high school’s booth for the festival: a curry shop. Aiming for it to be a success, Miwa begins advertising, but it appears that they may be some problems that crop up.

Screenshot 2016-01-17 14.01.19


Mitsusada is in charge of planning a hero show to make the children delighted. His route involves making this show a success.

In the meantime, Gaillard arrives in Japan just in time for the Vanguard festival with just one goal in mind: to meet Aichi.

Screenshot 2016-01-17 13.56.32


Inferring from the summaries, which you have already realised, this entire side of the game is set before the finale of the anime, before Kai, Ren and Misaki graduate from high school. Presuming that we are playing as the characters, it may be likely that we may have to use their decks as well. However, this is something we would not know until we actually play the game.

And once again, it is time to wrap up this final update! For those who have gotten the game, I wish you the best of luck!

Happy fighting!
— Josephine

Unboxing + Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory

Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory!

Another year has passed and apparently the world has not been put to an end by the hands (claws?) of a certain Link Joker archetype. At least not yet, because here we are with yet another update of Cardifght!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory!

We are now left with less than two weeks to the official release date, and there is no telling how many of these updates we have left. Time may be dwindling, but let us get started right away!

Continuing from where we had last left off, let’s us continue with information related to the story. In my previous updates, I included my own predictions as to what may be featured in the gameplay. As not every single detail about the story has been released, I would have to leave some portions for the next update.

In addition, I apologise if it seems that I am being repetitive. But for now, let’s see what we have!

Screenshot 2016-01-01 10.43.57.png

As previously mentioned, this game will contain two stories: the Vanguard-G side focusing on Chrono and the new generation, and the Vanguard side focusing on Aichi and his good mates. On the Vanguard-G side, the player will embark on a journey with Chrono and his team to conquer the national championships. On the Vanguard side, it will focus on the festival that is being held in the town Aichi lives in.

On the Vanguard-G side, I have already mentioned previously how the story would open. For this update, let us focus on the returning and additional features of game play.

Screenshot 2016-01-01 10.43.30

When you think of Vanguard-G, you think of quests! In Stride to Victory, quests play a vital part to the story.

Missions will be carried over from Lock on Victory, however it will be integrated as one type of quest. Other types of quests include quizzes and fights.


When you complete quests, you earn points to grade up on your FICA. Collecting enough points is essential for the story to progress!

Following these, we have the additional features that would make your experience with the game much enjoyable.


Similar to Lock to Victory, Stride to Victory will also include an “easy” mode. However, it does not make your fights any less challenging. What differs in “easy” mode is the number of times you get to mulligan for your ideal hand. As per any usual fight, you get to return as many cards as you like from your first hand to your deck, shuffle it, and redraw as many cards as you have sent back. However, in “easy” mode, you can do this more than once, up to ten times. However, each time you do so, you will lose Vanguard Points, so you may want to reconsider performing extra mulligans.


As mentioned long ago, you can also change how you want your protagonist to begin the match! Select between “Stand up! Vanguard” and “Stand up! The/My/Le Vanguard”, whichever suits your fancy!


And as previously predicted, you will be able to earn extra Vanguard Points if you successfully pull off a final turn. Simply open the menu during your fight and select the “FT” button to make a final turn declaration!


Previously in Lock on Victory, players can fight with other players over the internet or over a local connection. This can also be done on Stride to Victory. In addition, you can earn CP and get cards by fighting with other players. I have only tried this once or twice on Lock on Victory so I am not too sure if this is actually a new feature.

We have come to the end of a very brief update for the Stride to Victory game. There will be at least one more update regarding the Vanguard side of the story but until then, on behalf of everyone here at Crossbone Vanguards, I wish all of you a great year ahead!

Happy fighting!


Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory!

Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory!

It has not been too long since the previous update, but how has everyone been? Josephine here again with yet another update for the Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory game!


Cutting to the chase, we will be covering content related to the story this time! As of this writing, the section on the official site has yet to be updated. Instead, I will be covering content released in the January 2016 issue of the Monthly Bushiroad magazine. In addition, I will include my own speculations based on information previously released.

Disclaimer: Note that we had to scan pages of the magazine to use for this update and are unable to post up the full pages here due to copyright. We do not own any of those images that we have included here.

But before we start, there is something important I believe we have yet to cover: how to transfer your card library from Cardfight!! Vanguard: Lock on Victory if you owned a copy. I will go through this step-by-step, following the instructions provided on the official site.


1. Make sure you have your SD card slotted into your device before you start. If you do, load your Lock on Victory game. From the main menu, select 「オプション」 (“Options”).

2. Select the button at the bottom at the list that reads 「SDカード」 (“SD Card”).

3. When you do, the game will ask if you would like to back your data up onto your SD card. Select the button on the left that indicates “Yes”.

4. When your data is successfully backed up, you will receive the confirmation message. Simply press the “A” button or tap the screen to dismiss it.

Once you have done that, you can now begin playing your freshly-bought copy of Stride to Victory! You should be able to retrieve the data once you load the game and reach the main menu or the options section.


First things first, let’s get to the original story, set in the world of Cardfight! Vanguard G. At the beginning the game, you would have to choose a protagonist to play as. As covered in one of our previous updates, you have ten wonderful and unique characters to choose from.

From the preview of the character screen, it seems that the point-system, featured in the anime, would be implemented in this game. If it is not obvious, points will be earned from completing quests and perhaps missions as the story progresses.

Once you have chosen your in-game avatar, it is time to raise the curtains on the story!


At the beginning of the story, the protagonist would bump into Ibuki Kōji. This encounter starts our protagonist’s journey into the world of vanguard, as Ibuki had accidentally dropped a card which the protagonist picks up. The only lead that your protagonist has to be able to return this card to Ibuki was the address of Card Capital 2.


At Card Capital 2, it seems that the protagonist will get roped into playing vanguard: something that he or she has never done before.

As shown in the preview, Kamui will assist the protagonist in selecting a trial deck to begin with. This is done with a quiz of sorts, similar to a personality quiz on social media sites if you have done one before. This has been done before in Lock on Victory, and is mostly for people who have not played vanguard before in real life or in the two previous games.

However, if you already have some experience and do not agree with the trial deck recommended for you, you are free to select the one you want from the selection made available to you.


If you may have realised, this game treats all its players as beginners. After all, your protagonist him or herself are beginners in the game. If you are one or are not familiar with the way the game is played on console, fret not. There is a tutorial provided for you to get you familiarised with the game itself: the flow of the game, card mechanics (including new ones), rules and other important aspects will be covered.


And once you are ready to go, you will have your first fight! In the previous two instalments, you would have your first fight with Morikawa Katsumi. However, because he is not featured in this part of the story, your first opponent would be your ever helpful senior and ultra-dedicated part-timer of Card Capital 2: Katsuragi Kamui.

Of course, Kamui being Kamui, you will be facing a Nova Grappler deck. To make things easier, he would most likely be playing either the in-game trial deck “Challenger of Fighting Machines” or a watered-down version of his “Exxtreme Battler, Victor” deck.

That is all that had been covered in the article thus far that was not included online. Before I move on to the second part of the article, allow me to recap what has already been covered and include my own guesses and predictions.

According to the official website, the main aim of your protagonist in the game is to fight along the members of TRY3 and claim victory in the national championship.


However, from the television commercial, we see that Shinonome Shōma and Asukawa Taiyō are included in the character line-up. This also hints that characters like Hashima Rin or even branch chief Kanzaki will be included in the game as antagonists. This hints that the plot may be similar or even in parallel to the story of the anime: the only difference is the inclusion of your protagonist in the plot. Like I mentioned, these are simply my own speculations: we would not know the full details until we play the game or if the official website releases more spoilers.

Moving on, I will cover the second part of the article: the original story revolving around Aichi and the previous generation of characters. This can only be played once you clear the Vanguard G side of the story.

This story centers on a “VG (Vanguard) Festival” located in the town Aichi and the rest of his friends (or should I say mates?) live in. This is set between the end of Legion Mate arc and the grand finale of the first series.

From the previous generation, we have nine characters returning from the previous game and one new addition, making it ten in total. These character are Sendō Aichi, Kai Toshiki, Suzugamori Ren, Sōryū Leon, Katsuragi Kamui (back when he was still in middle school of course), Tokura Misaki, Miwa Taishi, Ishida Naoki, Mitsusada Kenji and, the most anticipated new addition, Olivier Gaillard.


Apparently, it seems that you can play this from the perspective of these ten different characters. You will start from the six in the picture above. I suspect the other four need to be unlocked, which may be done after clearing the story at least once.

Well, this is the end of this brief update. For more information, do pick up a copy of the latest issue of Monthly Bushiroad from a card shop or Japanese bookstore near you! Alternatively, you can keep updated by checking the official website or by following the official twitter account for the game.

Until next time; happy fighting!


Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory!

Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride to Victory!

How has it been, everyone? Josephine here once again with another update for Cardfight!! Vanguard Stride to Victory.

We are less than month away from the release of the game, and while the updates for new information seems to have slowed down since the previous update there has been quite a bit of information included this this week’s Monthly Bushiroad magazine, or so I have heard. I have yet to receive my copy, but the official twitter was kind enough to provide the online version of the interview with the producer.

The focus of this interview, as well as this update, is none other than the game-only trial decks!

Carrying over the concept from the previous game, Lock On Victory, Stride to Victory will include these new trial decks that the player can purchase in the game. Of course, these are only available in the game itself; you would not be able to find these anywhere else unless your local card shop does sell their own pre-made decks.

And this time, we have thirteen of these trial decks, three more than what was included in the first game! And here they are!


As you can see, there is quite a various assortment we have here. Some of you who play these clans would be extremely pleased with this. Each of these decks are built with existing booster sets and promotion cards. Including the G-generation trial decks, there are a total of 18 clans in total for you to begin with!

Let’s look at them one at a time, shall we? I will begin from the top, going from left to right as I go down. Do note that you can only buy one of each of these decks in the game. In order to complete them, you need to purchase packs regularly or utilise the new CP card-buying system as mentioned in the previous update.

I apologise that the individual images are rather small; these were retrieved from the original article.

Note that while each trial deck is provided with a reading of its name, the some of words are too faded for my eyes to pick up. In this case I would have to credit the wikia for the some of the translations that are already provided. That being said, not every trial deck has an article on the site, so that is where I have to garner my own guesses.


Deck name: Maiden of Divine Strike (神撃の乙女; Shingeki no Otome)
Clan: Oracle Think Thank

From what is shown, the main unit of focus for this deck would be “Battle Sister, Mille-feuille“. Along with her, you will be given “Soaring Auspicious Beast, Kirin“, “Imperial Shrine Guard, Asuha” and “Battle Sister, Chocolat“.

This could possibly get you started on a Battle Sisters deck, which you can find support for mostly in BT01: Descent of the King of Knights, EB05: Celestial Valkyries and EB07: Mystical Magus.


Deck name: Blessing of Angels (天使の祝福; Tenshi no Shukufuku)
Clan: Angel Feather

Highlighted for the Angel Feather trial deck is “Holy Seraph, Raziel“. Also included in this deck are “Booting Celestial, Sandalphon“, “Black Slice, Harut” and “Pure Keeper, Requiel“.

In personal opinion, I would use this deck as a starter to build a G-generation deck focused on “Black Shiver, Gavrail”, which is supported in G-BT04: Soul Strike against the Supreme. If that is not to your liking, you can also invest in a deck surrounding the Celestials archetype.


Deck name: Hellfire of Twin Dragons (双竜の業火; Sōryū no Gōka)
Clan: Kagerou

The unit to note for this deck is “Divine Dragon Knight, Mahmud“. In addition, “Heroic Saga Dragon“, “Double Perish Dragon” and “Wyvern Guard, Barri” are also included.

While I am not an expert in this clan, it appears that this is a decent starter for a G-generation Kagerou deck, most likely focused on “Dragonic Blademaster“. You can find support for this deck in G-BT01: Generation Stride and G-BT03: Sovereign Star Dragon.


Deck name: Tryant of Explosive Advance (爆進の暴君; Bakushin no Bōkun)
Clan: Tachikaze

Destruction Tyrant, Archraider” takes the spotlight for this deck. You can also find “Ancient Dragon, Magmaarmor“, “Ancient Dragon, Tyrannoquake” and “Ancient Dragon, Crestrunner” included in this deck.

Without me even needing to mention, you can see that this trial deck centers on the Ancient Dragons archetype. You can support for this mainly in BT11: Seal Dragons Unleashed and BT17: Blazing Perdition.


Deck name: Stealth Road of Shura (修羅の忍道; Shura no Nindō)
Clan: Nubatama

This deck, was honestly, quite unexpected. It makes me happy to learn that Nubatama is finally get some attention, especially with the only legion unit “Shura Stealth Dragon, Mandoracongo” which is rather difficult to obtain in Japanese. Other units included in this deck are “Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Gedatsurakan“, “Stealth Dragon, Voidmaster” and “Stealth Beast, Mijingakure“.

Support for this clan can be found mostly in BT13: Catastrophic Outbreak.


Deck name: Assassin of Dark Night (闇夜の刺客; An’ya no Shikaku)
Clan: Murakumo

Leading this band of shinobi is “Ambush Demon Stealth Fiend, Ushimitsu Train“. Following closely behind are “Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie“, “Stealth Fiend, Nyudo Cloud” and “Stealth Beast, Leaves Mirage”.

Similar to some of the decks listed above, this deck prepares for you a G-era deck, with “Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie” as your ace. You can find additional support for this clan in G-BT03: Sovereign Star Dragon and BT-09: Clash of the Knights and Dragons.


Deck name: Challenger of Fighting Machines (闘機の挑戦者; Tōki no Chōsensha)
Clan: Nova Grappler

The main G-unit to note would be “Meteokaiser, Vic-Ten“. Included in this deck are also “Muscle Shriek“, “Extreme Leader Mu-sashi” and “Twin Blader“.

This is another deck geared up for the G-era build, which you can find support for mainly in G-BT01: Generation Stride.


Deck name: Cradle of the Succubus (夢魔の搖籃; Muma no Yōran)
Clan: Dark Irregulars

As you can guess from the title and the image preview, the main unit for this deck is “Love Tempest, Kisskill Lira“. This deck also includes “Sweet Predator“, “Alluring Succubus” to aid in early soul-charging as well as “March Rabbit of Nightmareland“.

If you are intending to build a G-era deck, G-BT03: Sovereign Star Dragon is the box you would want to purchase.


Deck name: Sprint of Super Combatants (超戦士の疾走; Chōsenshi no Shissō)
Clan: Spike Brothers

For this deck, the star of the team is “Godly-Speed, Flash Bruce“. Joining in as part of the lineout and preparing to join in the scrum are “Juggernaut Maximum” and “Bloody Ogle“; cheering them on is “Cheer Girl, Marilyn“.

If you are aiming to play with legion as your main focus, BT16: Legion of Dragons & Blades would contain what you are seeking.


Deck name: Great Performance of Fiendish Sword (妖剣の大公演; Yōken no Daikōen)
Clan: Pale Moon

The star of this circus troupe is “Miracle of Luna Square, Clifford“. Along with him are “Sword Magician, Sarah“, “Barking Wyvern” and “Hades Hypnotist“.

Do note that this game does not cover the G-era support for Pale Moon, meaning that it is not possible to build a deck containing cards from G-TD07: Illusionist of the Cresent Moon and G-BT05: Moonlit Dragonfang. Instead you may opt for a Silver Thorn or Beast Tamer deck, or whatever that suits your fancy.


Deck name: Invasion of Pirates (海賊の侵撃; Kaizoku no Shingeki)
Clan: Granblue

A new ship has arisen from the seas of Magallanica! Taking the helm, we have “Pirate King of the Abyss, Blueheart“. On board are also “Young Pirate Noble, Pinot Noir“, “Master Swordsman, Nightstorm” and “Gust Jinn“.

Most likely, this deck will be focused on the legion build released in BT17: Blazing Perdition. After all, like Pale Moon, the vital units for a G-era build are not available. In fact, they would not be out until next February.


Deck name: Raid of Monsterous Insects (怪虫の襲撃; Kaichū no Shūgeki)
Clan: Megacolony

Leading this colony we have “Poison Spear Mutant Diety, Paraspear“. Swarming along we have “Longhorn Hunter“, “Bewitching Officer, Lady Butterfly” and “Paralyze Madonna“.

It seems that you can consider building a stride-focused deck. You would find support for this in BT04: Soul Strike Against the Supreme. If this is not to your liking, you can also pick up the Machinings.


Deck name: School of Mother Nature (大自然の学舎; Daishizen no Gakusha)
Clan: Great Nature

This new deck of academics is headed by “Immortality Profressor, Phoeniciax“. Assisting him are “Contradictory Instructor, Tusk Master“, “Abacus Bear” and “Cable Sheep“.

You would probably be looking into BT07: Rampage of the Beast King and G-BT02: Soaring Ascent of Gale and Blossom to further support this deck.

Well, with such a wide spread for us to choose from, we are certainly going to be spoiled for choice once we get our paws on this game. Would you start with a new clan that you have been wanting to try out, or with the clan that you are most familiar with? In both cases, just make sure you have lots of fun playing Vanguard on the console as you do in real life.

To end off, we have the television commercial of the game! You can find this on the official site and on Furyu’s official youtube channel.

We have finally come to the end of this rather lengthy update. The most important bit that is left to be covered would be the story: the original plot created just for this game. Hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am!

Until next time, happy fighting!


Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride to Victory!