Cardfight #118: ZaCaptain’s Harri Pale Moon Deck Profile

Hey, Rear-guards!


Cardfight #118 is a match between ZaCaptain’s Harri Pale Moon deck against Dempster’s Nightrose Granblue deck.

Click here if you want to check out what’s in the Bigbelly deck!

First Vanguard:-
Pleasure Caster

3 Poison Juggler (Critical)
1 Darkside Sword Master (Critical)
4 Prankster Girl of Mirrorland (Stand)
2 Explode Gentle (Stand)
2 Kitten Juggler (Draw)
4 Psycho Magician, Coulthard (Heal)

Grade 1s:-
4 Cutie Paratrooper
2 Dagger Magician, Ety
3 Masquerade Bunny
4 Lovely Companion (Sentinel-PG)

Grade 2s:-
2 Darkside Princess
4 Face Magician, Lappin
2 Dreaming Pegasus
1 Crescent Moon Juggler
3 Flying Peryton

Grade 3s:-
4 Masked Phantom, Harri
4 Masked Magician, Harri

Strides and G Guardians:-
4 Curtain Call Announcer, Mephisto
1 Parallel Megatick, Fairfield
1 Carnivorous Megatrick, Prana
1 Dreamiy Axel, Milward
4 Masquerade Master, Harri
1 Scream Dragon Master, Dolor Kimberly
1 Chainsaw Megatrick, Furnival (G-Guardian)
2 Doting Harlequin, Maja (G-Guardian)
1 Kinesis Megatrick, Coulthard (G-Guardian)

As always, if you have any queries, comments or suggestions, feel free to let me, Dempster or Leon know. If you like this and would like to see more Vanguard content that we have come up with, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us here on our blog. You can keep up to date on all of our releases on Twitter @CrossboneVGs, and on our Facebook page. You can also support us over at Patreon, where we have some awesome perks available for you guys.

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– ZaCaptain

Cardfight #118: ZaCaptain’s Harri Pale Moon Deck Profile

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