Cardfight #113: Dempster’s Lauris Bermuda Triangle Deck Profile

Hey, Rear-guards!

Cardfight #113 sees us pit Dempster’s Lauris Bermuda Triangle deck against ZaCaptain’s Yasuie Murakumo deck.

Click here if you want to check out what’s in the Yasuie deck!

First Vanguard:-
Mystical Motion, La Theta

4 Cherished Phrase, Reina (Critical)
4 Dancing Designer, Lauren (Stand)
3 Heartful Ale, Fundy (Draw)
1 Voice of Fate, Kasumi (Draw)
4 Happy Roots, Sandy (Heal)

Grade 1s:-
2 Monotone Innocence, Yuka
2 Sweet Paradise, Manya
2 Magical Yell, Nina
2 Garland Blossom, Ayna
2 Talent of Perseverance, Shandee
4 Miracle Twintail, Wyz (Sentinel-PG)

Grade 2s:-
2 Prestige, Cetia
3 Eager Envy, Marronnier
2 Hard Stroke, Linwell
4 Love Collect, Eleanor

Grade 3s:-
4 Miracle Voice, Lauris
4 Wonderful Voice, Lauris

Strides and G-Guardians:-
2 Maximum Rapture, Lucia
4 School Etoile, Olyvia
3 Celebrate Voice, Lauris
1 Perfect Performance, Ange
1 Festal Finale, Final Priscilla
1 Sailor’s Medley, Nasha (G-Guardian)
1 Blessed Sparkle, Sandy (G-Guardian)
1 Hand in Hand, Leona (G-Guardian)
2 Highest Society, Citron (G-Guardian)

As always, if you have any queries, comments or suggestions, feel free to let me, Dempster or Leon know here, or on our Discord server, which you can find the link here. If you would like to see more Vanguard content that we have come up with, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us here on our blog. You can keep up to date on all of our releases on Twitter @CrossboneVGs, and on our Facebook page. If you like what you see here and want to support us directly, you can do so over at our Patreon.

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– ZaCaptain

Cardfight #113: Dempster’s Lauris Bermuda Triangle Deck Profile

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