Lastly, our interview with Poppin’Party!

(From left to right) Nishimoto Rimi, Ohashi Ayaka, Aimi, Itou Ayasa & Otsuka Sae

Poppin’ Party is a band from the All Girls Band Project series BanG Dream!, and consists of the voice actors of Toyama Kasumi (CV Aimi), Hanazono Tae (CV Otsuka Sae), Ushigome Rimi (CV Nishimoto Rimi), Yamabuki Saaya (CV Ohashi Ayaka) and Ichigaya Arisa (CV Itou Ayasa). In addition to providing the voices for these wonderful characters, the voice actors also play their respective characters’ instruments while performing live, with Aimi on guitar & vocals, Otsuka on lead guitar, Nishimoto on bass, Ohashi on drums and Itou on keyboard.

Having performed in a band before as a drummer (of which I mentioned to Poppin’Party and in Japanese, no less), I do understand the challenges of picking up an instrument from scratch and working together as a band, so BanG Dream! as a whole is something that I can relate to.

The interview between us and Poppin’Party was largely nerve-wrecking, but still fun nonetheless. However (again), due to her busy schedule, Ohashi could not come down to Singapore for Chara Expo and thus was not present for the interview.

As the interview was conducted in a group with other media personnel as well, our article will only feature the questions we asked.

CV: What are the biggest challenges you face when learning your respective instruments?
Aimi: Because I’m the lead singer and the rhythm guitarist, it’s very hard to play the guitar while singing. And also because I’m the centre of the group, I have to be very cautious about how I perform.

Otsuka: This is my first time being the lead guitarist in a band, and because I mostly played the acoustic guitar before this, so performing in front of people and making sure the audience enjoys it is a challenge for me, but it is something you will get better at if you keep practicing.

Nishimoto: As a bass guitarist, the role is more of a supportive one, so it’s a challenge to support the band while trying not to make any mistakes at the same time and not create trouble for the band.

Itou: I started learning the piano when BanG Dream! started, so everything is very difficult to me, especially since the melody that each hand plays is completely different from one another. The keyboard is also very different from the piano in that the keyboard produces different sounds, so figuring out which sound flows well with the band is also a challenge for me.

CV: What other instruments would you like to learn?
Aimi: I would like to learn the drums! When Hasshi (nickname for Ohashi) was playing the drums, she looked like she could lead the band, so I want to be as cool as her and bring everyone together as a band.

Otsuka: I want to learn the keyboard. I was in the light music club in high school playing the piano and other instruments, but never actually played the keyboard. I find that it’s easier to arrange songs on the keyboard as well because it can produce a lot of different sounds.

Nishimoto: I would like to play the contrabass. During our live performances, we try to do an acoustic section where I play a more classical bass instrument because I like the low pitched sounds that it can produce.

Itou: I want to be a guitar vocalist! I find girls who play the guitar while singing really cute. I also look up to people who can play the guitar bridge-mute style while singing, and because of that I want to learn how to do that.

Thank you for your time, Poppin’Party!

And with that, we’ve posted all of our interviews conducted at Chara Expo 2017. We couldn’t have done it without you guys, so thank you all for making this happen! We hope to be able to do even more next year, so we hope you can keep supporting us!

– Dempster


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