Our next interview in Chara Expo 2017 was with Milky Holmes!

milky holmes
(From left to right) Top row: Sasaki Mikoi, Kitta Izumi, Bottom row: Tokui Sora, Mimori Suzuko

Milky Holmes is a voice acting unit established in 2009 and consists of the voice actors of the characters from the series Tantei Opera: Milky Holmes, namely Sherlock “Sheryl” Shellingford (CV Mimori Suzuko), Nero Yuzurizaki (CV Tokui Sora), Hercule “Elly” Burton (CV Sasaki Mikoi) and Cordelia Glauca (CV Kitta Izumi).

The interview between us and Milky Holmes was largely casual and very fun overall. However, due to her busy schedule, Mimori could not come down to Singapore for Chara Expo and thus was not present for the interview.

As the interview was conducted in a group with other media personnel as well, our article will only feature the questions we asked.

CV: Seeing that Milky Holmes are in the world of Vanguard as cameos, if they are actual Cardfighters what clans do you think they will play?
Tokui: Nero, which is the character I portray, loves animals a lot, so I think she’ll play something like Great Nature.

Sasaki: To me, Elly is the kind of character that likes really cute things, so I think she’ll play Bermuda Triangle or something like that.

Kitta: I think she would have played Bermuda Triangle as well because of the general swimsuit theme, but (since it’s already picked by Mikoron) I’ll go for Royal Paladin, since they have the cool image that the Cordelia in the game would have gone for.

CV: Which World in Buddyfight do you think you will fight for?
Tokui: I will fight for Danger World, since I like something that’s more wild.

Sasaki: Divine Guardians! I actually came in second place with it in our in-house Buddyfight voice actor tournament.

Kitta: Ah, I wanted to pick Divine Guardians too! In that case, I’ll fight for Hero World! I want to be able to say “I’m a hero!” or something like that.

CV: Do you have any messages for your fans in Singapore?
Tokui: Singapore is like a second Yokohama to me with so many people here knowing about Milky Holmes. The food here are really delicious, and we find ourselves wanting to do a live in Singapore more and more. We’ve performed a lot here in various events, but we want to do a 2-hour long live here in Singapore.

Sasaki: I’ve come to Singapore a lot of times, like once every year, and I’ve come to like Singapore a lot. It really is heartwarming to know that there are many people here who know about Milky Holmes and like their songs, and I look forward to coming to Singapore even more, be it for live in the future or even during our 10th anniversary.

Kitta: The first time I came to Singapore was 9 years ago for card games, before Milky Holmes even began. Then Milky Holmes started a year after and every time we come to Singapore, more and more people come to know about Milky Holmes. I really wish that we can go on more tours and I would like to be an ambassador to Singapore so that I can broadcast to Japan about Singapore.

Thank you all for your time, Milky Holmes, and we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us for your 10th anniversary!

– Dempster


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