Cardfight #83: JJ’s Gaia Tachikaze Deck Profile

Hey, fighters!

Cardfight #82 sees us JJ’s Gaia Tachikaze deck pit against Brian’s Gurguit Gold Paladin deck. You can check the video above to see the bout, but if you’re interested in seeing the Gaia deck profile, we have it in this post.

If you want to check out what’s in the Gurguit deck, click here.

Take note that this build is one that is used for this cardfight. Changes may have been already made at this point in time by the owner. You are welcome to learn from this deck profile, if you are looking to build one, but we highly encourage you to build yours to fit you.

First Vanguard
Baby Camara

2 Ancient Dragon, Dinodile (Critical)
4 Cannon Fire Dragon, Parasaulauncher (Criticcal)
3 Coelamagnum (Stand)
3 Louder Ammonite (Stand)
4 Savage Healer (Heal)

Grade 1s:-
4 Cold Dragon, Freezernyx
2 Fullfire Elk
4 Prism Bird
3 Savage Guardian

Grade 2s:-
3 Baking Flame Dragon, Gigant Flame
3 Beam Dragon, Apatomaser
3 Explosive Dragon, Sarcoblaze
3 Tank Mammoth

Grade 3s:-
3 Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor
3 Frenzy Emperor Dragon, Gaia Death Parade
2 Rage Dragon, Tyrannobrute

Strides and G Guardians:-
4 Absolute Ruler, Gluttony Dogma
2 Destruction Tyrant, Gradogigant
2 Destructive Equipment, Hammer Gewalt
4 Great Emperor Dragon, Gaia Dynast
2 Absolute Authority Giant Wall, Blockade Ganga (G-Guardian)
2 Iron-armored Chancellor, Dymorphalanx (G-Guardian)


  • The ride up is simple, as song as it is not a Sentinel. Ideally, you will want Gaia Emperor as your Vanguard. However, in this case I will give notes based on having to ride to Gaia Death Parade.
  • As Gaia Death Parade, you will want to be a bit more careful with your units and calling. On stride to any unit that has the engorge ability essentially makes your stride cost free with the draw.
  • Your first stride is determined by the state of the field. You will want to avoid using Gluttony Dogma too recklessly. If there are rear-guards to retire, I recommend striding to Hammer Gewalt. Otherwise, Gragogigant is good to net you an additional draw.
  • Following that, Gaia Dynast or Dogma will do the finishing blows. Gluttony gives you the edge with double attacks from the Vanguard. Gaia Dynast presents Aqua Force-level of multi attacks from rear-guards, provided you were careful with the Counterblasts.
  • As you noticed, this build runs more stands in order to promote rushing an opponent as soon as possible. The new stand, Louder Ammonite, serves as fodder that returns to the hand at a cost of a Counterblast, if used for the effect of units, and free cost, if it’s by the engorge ability.
  • Do take note that Critical Triggers do work slightly better in this build. However, I stand by the notion that the rear-guards just do not have enough power on their own, even with Criticals pumped into them. With the advent of multi rear-guard attack turns, Tachikaze has to adapt accordingly or become fossils.
  • Final note: All in all, this build is more thought oriented if you are sitting on Death Parade. However, it is a vast improvement from being stuck with Tyrannobrute on the Vanguard. And Death Parade can double as a GB2 rear-guard with 5000 Power when all else fails. Have fun rampaging!

As always, if you have any queries, comments or suggestions, feel free to let me, Dempster or Leon know. If you like this and would like to see more Vanguard content that we have come up with, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us here on our blog. You can keep up to date on all of our releases on Twitter@CrossboneVGs, and on our Facebook page. You can also support us over at Patreon, where we have some awesome perks available for you guys.

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– ZaCaptain

Cardfight #83: JJ’s Gaia Tachikaze Deck Profile

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