Cardfight #80: Victor’s Zodiac Time Beast Gear Chronicle Deck Profile

Hey, fighters!

Cardfight #80 sees us pit Victor’s Zodiac Time Beast Gear Chronicle deck against ZaCaptain’s Enigman Dimension Police deck. You can check the video above to see the bout, but if you’re interested in seeing the Zodiac Time Beast deck profile, we have it in this post.

If you want to check out what’s in the Enigman deck, click here.

Take note that this build is one that is used for this cardfight. Changes may have been already made at this point in time by the owner. You are welcome to learn from this deck profile, if you are looking to build one, but we highly encourage you to build yours to fit you.

First Vanguard
Chrono Dran G

4 Heart Thump Worker (Critical)
2 Chronovolley Rabbit (Critical)
1 Pulsar, Hypnosis Sheep (Stand)
1 Steam Battler, Ur-Watar (Stand)
1 Chronotimer Leghorn (Stand)
1 Vainglory-dream Gear Cat (Stand)
1 Luckypot Dracokid (Draw)
1 Chronodoze Sheep (Draw)
4 Chronotherapy Hamster (Heal)

Grade 1s:-
2 Chronoethos Jackal
1 Chronocharge Unicorn
3 Steam Breath Dragon
1 Chronodash Peccary
1 Steam Maiden, Mesh-kia
1 Steam Soldier, Undalulu
1 Tick-away Dragon
4 Steam Maiden, Arlim (Sentinel-PG)

Grade 2s:-
1 Chronoclaw Monkey
1 Steam Rider, Sharm
2 Pulsar Tamer, Lugal-ure
1 Pulsar, Speedy Bunny
2 Chronobeat Buffalo
2 Pulsar, Farm Peacock
1 Riot-disorder Gear Bear
1 Chronospin Serpent

Grade 3s:-
1 Chronofang Tiger G
4 Chronojet Dragon G
3 Chronojet Dragon

Strides and G Guardians:-
2 Interdimensional Dragon, Crossover Dragon
4 Metapulsar, Split Pegasus
4 Chronodragon Nextage
1 Metapulsar, Huang-long
1 Interdimensional Dragon, Chronoscommand Dragon
1 Interdimensional Dragon, Heteroround Dragon (G-Guardian)
1 Highbrow Steam, Arlim (G-Guardian)
1 Highbrow Steam, Raphanna (G-Guardian)
1 Retroactive Time Maiden, Uluru (G-Guardian)


  • At first glance, you may see the various amount of units in this deck build. I built my Zodiac Time Beast deck this way because I want to be able to adapt to any situation. The main strategy of the deck is to get as many strides face up to bring up Chronojet Dragon G and the front row Zodiac Time Beasts to PG-only levels of power, whilst everything else exists in the deck to adapt to any opponent.
  • As earlier mentioned, Chronojet Dragon G is the main Ace of the deck with his skill to power up from every 2 face up cards in the G Zone. Chronojet Dragon is there to give me access to using Crossover Dragon, which in turn adds a lot of on-hit threat to the deck. And because the deck does not play that much around sending opponents’ units to the bottom of the deck, Chronofang Tiger G helps with that, in case I need to get rid of a particularly pesky rear-guard.
  • I could absolutely max out the number of Lugal-ures in the deck, but because of the reasons in the first point, I kept him down to 2. Ideally, I would Lugal-ures flanking both sides of the Vanguard circle to make every column attack count. And with its ability to Time Leap on a Grade 3 ZTB check, I can increase my attack by one more.
  • Farm Peacock is really helpful, because it is immune to being sent to the bottom of the deck by skills like Split Pegasus when he is Time Leaped out. Chronobeat Buffalo is always a welcome addition to the deck, thanks to his constant 11000 Power (as long as you ride up to a ZTB Vanguard).
  • Tick-away Dragon is very helpful in filtering your deck. Whenever you Time Leap, you can send a card back to the bottom of the deck and it’s not [1/Turn] too. With the restriction on Ur-Watar in place currently, Tick-away Dragon is helpful in circumventing the restrictions, regardless of how efficient it is compared to before.
  • One thing that this deck does need is an increase in the number of Zodiac Time Beasts. Chronojet Dragon G and Split Pegasus only targets Zodiac Time Beasts, so if future releases of Gear Chronicle provides more Zodiac Time Beasts, this deck would be tremendously boosted by them.
  • Some of you may cry about Chronodragon Gear Groovy not being in the G Zone. To which I must point out that I don’t have space for him or a decent amount of Gear Dragons with AUTO abilities for him to take up.
  • But this deck does have its flaws. You need to keep track of which units’ skills can activate from. Units like Hypnosis Sheep requires to be called from hand to activate, whereas units like Farm Peacock needs to be placed from the deck. Not only that, but the deck is also Counterblast heavy and Arlim doesn’t quite help with Countercharging that much. So learning to control your Counterblasts will be key.
  • Overall, despite the flaws, the deck is playable, fun and is awaiting future boosts for more fun.

As always, if you have any queries, comments or suggestions, feel free to let me, Dempster or Leon know. If you like this and would like to see more Vanguard content that we have come up with, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us here on our blog. You can keep up to date on all of our releases on Twitter@CrossboneVGs, and on our Facebook page. You can also support us over at Patreon, where we have some awesome perks available for you guys.

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– ZaCaptain

Cardfight #80: Victor’s Zodiac Time Beast Gear Chronicle Deck Profile

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