Cardfight!! Online: A Time Leap that never came back from the Bind Zone

Hey Fighters!

Remember Cardfight Online? The game that was supposed to be out this year but was delayed? We remember it very clearly, but unfortunately, it has become a memory of the past. Just like your Time Leaped units in the Bind Zone that will never come back, development for Cardfight!! Online has been cancelled.

ZaCaptain, Leon and myself were very sad to know that this was the direction the development team took, and for them to announce this after a whole year of nothing, it was almost too easy for the community to speculate what was going on behind the scenes. I don’t claim to know what exactly happened, but based on the Open Beta that we played, I could come up with a few points that could make the game better:

1. Outsource the game development to a company they know can handle the job well

Cardfight!! Online was outsourced to DELiGHTWORKS Inc. and Crossgames Inc, the former well known for the mobile game Fate Grand Order. Who is Crossgames Inc.? Personally, I have no idea. Why not outsource it to FuRyu, the same company that brought us the 3DS Vanguard games? They did a great job with the 3DS games in my opinion, and with their involvement, the game would be a lot more solid. Never mind the character creation and the likes, the game engine itself has to work first, and they know how to make it work!

2. Stick to the initial card releases and add the rest in as DLCs

This is just my own speculation, but just hear me out. Let’s face it, all games nowadays have DLCs, and there are people out there willing to pay for them. Bushiroad is known to churn out new sets every single month, and with each set you have more than 50 cards to program into the game, not to mention their skill activation times, clan-specific keywords and so on. I feel that they wanted to make the game complete by trying to include the most recent cards to date, and in the process delayed the completion as the year drags on with an increasing pile of programming left to do that seems endless, which ultimately led to the cancellation of the project. 

What they could have done is to make sure the mainframe of the game works flawlessly, then add in cards at a later date after its release as forms of DLCs or even events.

3. Give constant updates and announcements regarding the project

For the past year after its initial announcement, we heard nothing from Bushiroad about Cardfight!! Online. If the game is geared towards fans and you specifically promised them that it would happen, why not ask for help when facing difficulties? I know that’s what the Open Beta is for, but couldn’t it have gone longer and open to more players worldwide so that they can help yo7 focus on what’s wrong with the build of the game?

Trust me when I say that the game has potential, because it really did. It really comes close to the Japanese 3DS counterparts and being the one good vanguard game for non-Japanese players to enjoy other than Cardfight Arena (which in my opinion is more of a test base instead of a game), but the constant delays with no updates led to the fans forgetting about its existence, only remembering it when it’s too late. Whatever that’s going to happen after, I can only wish them the best and hope they do not repeat the same mistakes again. After all, the community got them in their sights.

Like I mentioned, these are just my personal opinions on the reasons why Cardfight!! Online was cancelled. What so you think were their reasons? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and let’s have fun with Vanguard!

– Dempster

Cardfight!! Online: A Time Leap that never came back from the Bind Zone

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