Hey Everyone!

Do you happen to be a Bushiroad fan? Want to find a place to chill while you’re at Singapore? Bushi Cafe is now opened on the 5th floor of Bugis+ !! For your daily Curry X Anime experience~. Awesome desserts and drinks and exclusive merchandises available!! (you can find pasta curry here too!)
Here are some photos and reviews of the place from the grand opening on 16th December 2016!

Cafe Operating Hours:
Mon-Thu:11.30am to 10pm
Fri-Sun:11am to 10pm

Going up the escalator.. just keep swimming just keep swimming~ 5th floor it is. Aren’t those characters just familiar?


-Food and Beverages: Tax to be added during payment. All price listed do not include tax.
-Merchandises: Price listed on the Merchandise boards at Nett pricing.

free door gift. (tissue pack)


The menu is great. You can join their free membership via the QR code or http://www.passp.asia/bushicafe. Follow the on screen instructions and sign up. Log in and show it to the staff and YOU GET A FREE ICE CREAM! (u.p.$5.80). (It’s good.)
For those who are a little tight on budget, here are the cheaper choices of main courses. As for the portion of foods, it will not disappoint you. Small eaters, do bring a partner along ~ you have been warned!
Here’s a photo of the recommended dessert dish. BUSHI PLATE! It was satisfying (u.p.13.80)
Soft Served Ice Cream, with a crispy waffle with sides of Whip Cream, Fresh Mint, Azuki, and Condense Milk, and a Fresh Blueberry yogurt with crunchy cereal mix. Served well on a cold pan. Totally recommended for people who are craving for desserts but not into something that is too sweet.


The Interior of the cafe.
The corner of the cafe facing the balcony


img_20161216_123001Another angle of the cafe. with great natural lighting too during the afternoon.


The list of merchandises sold at the cafe for now. To be updated by cafe staff. For now there are mostly Milky Holmes merchandises on sale. Do note that can badges are in random sealed packs. To view or purchase items from the shop, do contact the staff and they will take it out for you 🙂

P.S: Do note that all prices for MERCHANDISES are in Singapore Dollar, Tax included.



Miss the food after your first visit but won’t have the time to sit down to chill right after? Fret not~ There is a Takeaway counter! (you will see it from the corner closer to the cinema)


Cafe opening blog post update by:

Sam’s trip here for the cafe opening. YOOOOOOOOO!

Wait. not done! *read below*






SECOND TRIP! @18 Dec 2016

well more like, first trip for everyone to the cafe together.
Huge thanks to Dempster for all the photos.

free door gift this round. *Sam at the background shouting*NO FAIR



are you a city person who can’t appreciate a mountain of greens? Here’s one you should appreciate. BUSHI MOUNTAIN! (*u.p. $12,80). Soft serve plain and Matcha ice cream, with a crispy waffle, and sides of whip cream, azuki, condense milk and mint leaves.


Beef Creamy (u.p. $12,80)

received_10157906398825384Here is something interesting in the Cafe. DIY CURRY!!!!

you can choose your own Main, Level of Spice, and Additional Toppings!!!
Price of add ons to be charged accordingly.
Hungry yet? Hungry yet???????

There’s still THIS!


ONE OF THE SIGNATURE DISH! the NINJA OMURICE !!! (u.p.$18.80) *burp*


And for drinks

To keep yourself caffeinated for your next few rounds of card games, the cafe definitely has coffee.15609107_10157906399125384_1703888729_o

BEN be drinking down this green dino really sloooowwwww


*plays ad* wonder if I, give an oreo-




COKE DINOOOOOO *make raptor and godzilla sound effects at the back*. oh by the way hi Brian.

photo update credits to: Dempster
and everyone who had a great time
15555443_10157906399045384_1666796599_oYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (from left-right *clockwise: Dempster, Cap, Jasmine, JJ, Ben, Brian)

Cafe Payment methods:

Cash Payments (SGD) and Nets Payment are accepted.


Reviews of the place:
-Small but cosy cafe.
-Food Portions are big. (bonus: aesthetic level: Great!)
-Food Quality is good. (taste: Good)
-Foods with cheese will take some extra serving time.
-Menu has a fair amount of choices.
-Drinks are of very reasonable price. mostly below $3.00
-Good lighting.
-Staff are friendly and great to have a chat with. (quite some do converse in Japanese too if you are wondering)

Overall the cafe experience was great and is definitely worth more visits. Good access to the cyber, cinema and arcades within the mall.
for more information about the concept and menu updates of the cafe, check out http://www.bushicafe.com

BUGIS+ (Bugis Plus)
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

Accessible and closest MRT : Bugis (EW12/DT14)

Thank you 🙂 To catch up more on our future updates, do follow us on all our social media sites @
Facebook, Twitter, Blog and most importantly our Youtube channel.
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See you next time~


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