World Grand Prix 2016 – Event Coverage

This is quite late, but better late than never, yes?

Josephine here with another event coverage, and this time is the annual World Grand Prix, or WGP for short! This takes place alongside with the Bushiroad World Championships as well.

As we all should know by now, this is the biggest tournament held in different countries across the world across several months. As usual for us in Singapore it takes place at Suntec Convention Centre this time on the 29th and 30th of November. The main tournament for Japanese Vanguard was on Saturday, and everyone who took part did their best to prepare for the big day!

The day started bright and early… well, at least for the three who were there to participate and take these pictures. Again, let us give credit to Dempster for these photographs!

Registration begun at 10am sharp, those who registered were able to enter the hall. You would not believe how crowded this big empty space would become until you were there to see if for yourself.


To note, those not participating were not allowed to enter until 10.30am,

As usual, we see a line of merchandise up for sale at the booths set up by some of our local shops. Ranging from the cards themselves to sleeves and cases, you can anything you need to prepare for a round of card games with your friends.


And it seems that something has caught Leon’s eye… I wonder what it could be?


It seems that there is an unusual booth this year, for those of you who have noticed. This is for Project Frontier, something which we have little information on at the time of this writing, but we would get to know more about it in due time.


The stage area is graced with the standees of our favourite idol duo, Am and Luna of RUMMY LABYRINTH. Stunning, aren’t they?


As usual, we had a guest artist visit this year for live drawing sessions, and it is Makai no Jumin (魔界の住民). However, unlike previous years we also have a voice actress as a guest: the voice of Tokura Misaki, Kitta Izumi! As usual, there are autograph sessions being held for both guests, as well as a chance to fight Kitta Izumi in the gunslinger session on Sunday!

More details on that later and let’s get talking about the fights!


Representing us this year are Ben, Brian, Jasmine, Jiraiya, JJ and Lance! Did you get a chance to fight them?

Dempster went around to check on them during of their fights; let’s take a look at them in action!

I would like to put everyone’s reflections here word-for-word, but I shall just summarise it the best I can.

First things first, there were a lot of Gear Chronice and Granblue decks, as observed. However, there were still a variety of other clans being used, including Touken Ranbu. There were fights which lasted longer than expected, others ending quite quickly. Some of us were blessed with good luck on that day, while others not so.

More or less, most of it is all part of the experience everyone has when playing vanguard and I’m sure you could agree.

I am also proud to announce that both Ben and Brian made it to the top 16! Congratulations, gentlemen, and thank you everyone for your hard work!

On Sunday, only Dempster, Brian and myself stopped by the event in the afternoon for the gunslinger session as we were there for another event which some of you may know about, known as Idolicious (not sponsored!) to catch up with some friends.

And it seems that it was an extremely lucky weekend for Brian, who also got the chance to fight Kitta Izumi in the gunslinger and won! It was a rather interesting fight to say the least, and although it was not the best everyone had fun, even for me who was just watching.

No pictures were allowed so we could not show you anything (but for those who were curious it was a Misaki vs. Kourin fight, if you caught my drift), but you should have seen that radiant smiling face! Why, it was even brighter that the light reflected off Gurguit’s armour! Well done, Brian!

All in all, I hoped that weekend had been enjoyable for you, just as it had been for us!

And just a small announcement to make, Crossbone Vanguards is hosting the second Vanguard of Charity event this coming Sunday, 13th of November from 10am to 6pm! The event will take place at Duller’s Point, and you can find more information on the event page or at the website here!

Hope to be able to see you this Sunday, and as always, happy fighting!

— Josephine

World Grand Prix 2016 – Event Coverage

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