Vanguard Cafe -An experience that’s harder to get than SCRs

While the rest of Crossbone Vanguards were happily opening GBT08, I was in Malaysia for a trip when I decided that I should visit the Vanguard Cafe there, and visit the cafe I did (not alone of course, I was with Chloe). Don’t worry, I made sure ZaCaptain has my cards by the time I come back. ūüôā


Vanguard Cafe is located at F10 , Aeon Mall Shah Alam, 40100 Shah Alam, Malaysia, which is approximately 15 minutes away from Sunway Pyramid. The whole cafe has a warm and cozy feel to it and, of course, being a Vanguard Cafe means that the interior is full of Vanguard-related stuff. Unfortunately, it was rather empty when we went there, partly because it clashed with Day 2 of Animangaki, which was happening at Sunway Pyramid and there was a huge crowd there and of course a space allocated for Vanguard players.

The ceiling design is critical because it sets the mood of the cafe. Pun entirely intended.


The walls and tables are fully decorated with characters from Vanguard, and the character mats on the tables double as playmats so you can play Vanguard while having your Vanguard meal and watching Vanguard on the big screen.

…….SUP DAWG //critical’d

And no, you can’t bring them home. Not saying that I didn’t try (just kidding, I really didn’t try to pull it out), but it’s something that’s best left there.


Speaking of big screen, there’s one at the side of the cafe so customers can enjoy watching Vanguard-related videos while eating or playing. At the time¬†we were¬†there, they were playing the latest few episodes of Vanguard G: Stride Gate.


If your¬†table is full of plates and you want to experience the feeling of playing Vanguard the way characters did in the anime, there are two standing Vanguard tables for you to do just that. Do take note that it’s not some highly advanced mumbo-jumbo, so don’t expect to see your units appearing in front of you or flashy effects on the table. All it does is to light up the playmat to bring out the colours more, and if you ask me, that’s already cool in itself. Also, the mats are of the pre-G era, so you won’t see the G Zone in here.


Most themed cafes have related merchandise and products on sale, and the Vanguard Cafe is no exception. Up for sale are boosters packs for Vanguard and Luck and Logic, playmats, card sleeves and other exclusive items. Surprisingly, the items sold there are pretty updated, as you see recent products like The Genius Strategy and even Absolute Judgment.


Here’s the menu of the cafe. Needless to say, the dishes all have names based off units of Vanguard, so you’ll see dishes like Nightstorm, Abyss Healer, Demon Eater¬†and Queen of Heart, just to name a few. There are some that are not as¬†obvious like Ice Prison (based off the Cocytus units), but Shinden’s Original…? Do let me know if I’m missing something here because I’ve not heard of anything like that in Vanguard.

Drinks are also a rather interesting mix (no pun intended). They’re based on the characters that have appeared in the anime, and invoke different emotions in you when you drink them. For exmaple, if you want a mind-numbing lucksack experience, go for Chrono’s Freeze Attack! Okay I kid, but you get what I mean.

Due to limited budget, we only managed to order a few dishes. I will talk about them as much as I can and give a rating on how I feel the food tastes.


Abyss Healer
Rating: 7/10
Chicken burger with black seasame bun, cheese, tomato, lettuce, a slice of nori seaweed (seems like Tao Kae Noi to me) and served with nachos. And for some reason, it was decorated with the Critical icon instead of the Heal icon.

First of all, the nachos came with a very small amount of ketchup. It’s still enough to keep the nachos from becoming somewhat dry when it enters the mouth, but I would much like to have a full saucer of dip so I can control how much dip I want on the nachos.

The black sesame bun was very dry and tough. And I mean REALLY tough. It’s so tough that you can’t even flatten it so that it fits your mouth. It’s that tough. Everything else is okay though. The lettuce is crunchy and fresh-tasting, the tomatoes are soft and moist just like what you’d expect in a burger, and the seaweed is….okay I have no idea because I didn’t eat it. In a single bite, the texture of the chicken patty and the softness of the tomato makes the buns a little more tolerable and not so dry. Couple that with the crunchiness of the lettuce and just like what the name of the dish suggests, it heals you and pulls you out of the abyss that is your growling stomach.

Oh, I forgot about the cheese? Well, what can I say about the cheese except that IT’S GOOD?


Assault Dragon
Rating: 7/10
Hawaiian Pizza with turkey roll, pineapple, mozzarella cheese on a tomato base with seaweed sprinkle.

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE pizzas, so I’m quite particular about how pizzas are made. The combination of the crust and everything else is very important, and one should not out-taste the other. To me, a good pizza is one that can leave a lasting taste in your mouth with its complex mixture of ingredients and not feel too dry at the same time.

Assault Dragon is your typical Hawaiian pizza with not much special flare to it. It’s just Hawaiian pizza. While the taste was¬†okay, what kinda spoiled it is the crust. The crust is too thin and powdery, and somehow managed to get covered by the taste of the tomato paste. There was not enough mozzarella cheese on it as well, as the whole chunk of pineapple just came of when I took a bite. The seaweed sprinkle did almost nothing as there were so little that it made the pizza look like a barren wasteland.

One thing I think could make the pizza better is to have more cheese on the pizza, and not just underneath, but at the top of the pizza as well. That way, the ingredients will be held together stronger and every single bite will stretch the mozzarella cheese to unimaginable heights.


Anjou Berry Exchange
Rating: 7/10

Honestly, I have no idea what the components for this are. But from the name of the drink, it tasted like a berry soda topped with some fruits, though I can’t make out what they are. Even so, it tastes really refreshing and it definitely goes well with what we were eating. If I had ordered any slushies or milk drinks, it would have felt different. In short, the Anjou Berry Exchange was thirst quenching and had a taste that complimented the pizza and the burger.


When the reviews said that the staff have remarkable knowledge of Vanguard, they meant it. One of the staff asked me if I play the game and politely asked me for a fight, so how could I turn it down?


I brought out my Magus deck, which was the only deck I brought with me (apart from Chloe’s Regalia deck) and¬†he took out his Gaiaemperor deck. It was a very close match, but I still lost. That didn’t change the fact that it was a good fight though.

The video for the fight will be up soon, so do check it out on our channel when it’s up!
EDIT: The video’s up!¬†

Playing against Chloe next. :3

Overall, our little trip to the Vanguard Cafe was a positive one, and I would definitely go there again, hopefully with the rest of Crossbone Vanguards. They have a Facebook page at

If you would like to pay this cafe a visit, once again the address is as follows:

F10 , Aeon Mall Shah Alam, 40100 Shah Alam, Malaysia

So gather your friends and take a card or plane together and Stand Up your Vanguards there!


Vanguard Cafe -An experience that’s harder to get than SCRs

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