Chara Expo 2016 – Through the eyes of Crossbone Vanguards

Hey Fighters!

C3 Charaexpo 2016 has ended here in Singapore, and there was so much that happened at the event, that it took us this long to put it down onto this post. But we’ll start from the beginning here and explain what C3 Charaexpo is, for those that are not familiar with it.


C3 Charaexpo 2016 was an event that was organised by Bushiroad, and it happened on July 9 and 10, from 10am to 6pm, at Singapore Expo Hall 7 (in case you need to be reminded again if the picture’s not obvious enough—just kidding). It features lots of cool content such as anime and manga, cosplay and card games, just to name a few. We could do the same thing as we did last year and do our live broadcasts and time stamps on the blog, but we could not do that as Leon and I were doing accredited media work with our hard-earned media pass proudly hung around our necks, while ZaCaptain was busy at Dueller’s Point’s booth as part of the Exhibitors. So we decided to consolidate all our stuff and write a long post together. Okay more like myself mostly, but you get the picture. Pun intended. Haha.

A quick look at Cap and the guys from Dueller’s Point working their hardest at getting the booth ready for the event.
There was a Luck and Logic booth just right opposite us, promoting the English release of the card game.
Other booths busy setting up as well. Seems like we’re expecting a huge turn out!
Oh hey, a Card Game Area! Maybe we could sit down and have a game or two—okay maybe not, considering all the places we had to run during both days.
At the Vanguard tables, the obligatory Vanguard G main character standees…well, stand.

For the first day, there was an opening ceremony which was said to start at 11am, or so we thought. Leon decided to call for coffee at 10.30am and I stepped out with him, only to find out that the opening ceremony had already begun! Good call, Leon! Fortunately, we brought our equipment with us as well, so we got in and started filming and snapping away at the same time. There was a speech by Mr Kidani Takaaki, President of Bushiroad, as well as Mr Shinoda Kenji, the Ambassador of Japan to Singapore. After their speech, it was on to the tape cutting. Seems familiar? Well yes and no. Yes because they did it in 2015 as well, and no because we are also celebrating SJ50, which is the 50th anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations!

And also, because Mimori Suzuko is there too, in her Korin getup. Needless to say, it’s like seeing Korin in real life, and making you believe that there’s really a Korin in the real world, and you’re looking at her right now.

With that, the event officially begins! Of course, we will be covering mostly Vanguard-related contents here, so you may or may not see other stuff here (depending on whether I wanna put them in because I’m writing and thinking along at the same time, so not much planning was done).

I’m not sure about Cap or Leon, but most of the fighters I see are young adults and above, so it’s nice to see kids and teenagers enjoying the game as well. And speaking of Leon…
Hey Leon! Why the hurry?
Ohhh so that’s why…and I like how we’re at opposite ends of the table taking the exact same thing. Ahaha.
From left to right – Jiraiya, John and Adam.

Remember Retailer Royal Rumble (RRR)? The top 3 players of each shop will form a team and compete at Charaexpo for a chance to fight against TRY3. That’s right, the voice actors of Chrono (Ishii Mark), Shion (Enoki Junya) and Tokoha (Nitta Emi) themselves.

Two of our members from Crossbone Vanguards – Jiraiya and John  – along with Adam formed Team Balance (all thanks to John) and competed all the way till the final fight where they suffered their first loss against a team of really skilled players (and by skilled I mean lucky). Good job in coming in second though, it was really not easy and you guys went above and beyond to get that far, so give yourselves a pat on your backs! Or you guys can just pat each other, I don’t know.

(Dempster’s notes – Somehow, somewhere, I hear a certain Cap saying “Uhh, phrasing?”. Yikes.)

Yeah, everyone was tired after the RRR. So tired that they all broke out s a STAND.

Even though I was not there to witness the exhibition fight between the winning team and TRY3, I heard that the latter won a perfect victory, with all of them claiming a win against their opponents! It goes to show that the voice actors and actresses of Vanguard really take their jobs seriously and they do put in effort to learn the game and their respective clans in order to put up an entertaining fight for everyone to see. Either that, or their plot armors are really thick, and I think I would go for the latter. Ahaha.

It’s a small world after all!

Look who we have here! Jefferson (left) and Zhi Wei (somewhat centre) were the finalists for Vanguards of Charity that we helped organise last year, and we’ve been seeing them a lot in events like these since. And yeah, Zhi Wei was too busy playing to notice the camera.


In addition to the RRR and Team League, we were also introduced to the first Clan Leader Fight! To put it simply, each player would represent their clans and fight with other players in order to gain the most number of victories to be crowned the Clan Leader of their respective clans. It was really a simple concept, although I feel that more could have been done to improve the general system, but we will not go into details about that.


Congrats Ben!

Believe it or not, another of our Crossbone Vanguards members – Ben – was crowned the Clan Leader for Nova Grappler! Way to go, Ben! You did great!

Leon and I also did an interview with Kitta Izumi, which I wrote a whole post about it. Check it out here!

Kitta Izumi (voice of Tokura Misaki) and Morishima Shuuta (voice of Nitta Shin)

On Day 2, it was generally the same thing for us in that we went around for our second round of picture taking and such. I just happened to catch the meet and greet session for Kitta Izumi and Morishima Shuuta (okay not happened to, I actually waited for them to appear) and it was a fun and engaging experience…if it weren’t for the monitor speaker turned away from us.

We did not catch this on camera, but there was a booth near us called Yuhodo and essentially they are the company that designed the cards and their effects for card games like Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, Luck and Logic and so on. They were having a play test session for both days, and since we’re all Vanguard enthusiasts, how could we pass on the opportunity? That was what led Cap and I to the booth and we play tested with a fight including a deck with cards that were yet to be released.

The whole purpose of the play test was to get feedback from end users (aka cardfighters) on the cards that were designed and how their strengths, weaknesses and how interesting they were to use. After our match, Cap and I went on an very long discussion and I even translated our thoughts and opinions to the man stationed there, to which he told us the reasons why the cards were designed the way they were.

We all seem to have taken for granted what goes into designing cards. Not only do they have to come up with skills that are intriguing, but also how they will affect the current meta, how broken they are when combined with other cards, and even the consumer demands for certain cards to be created. We may have complained here and there that some of the cards are OP, but at the end of the day, it’s thanks to the guys at Yuhodo that made game as interesting as it has become today. All I can say is: Yuhodo, please buff Oracle Think Tank. Tank you—I mean thank you.

Another of our members Brian (right) cosplaying as Aichi and Leon….a (left) cosplaying as Hanayo.
Despite how they look like in their cosplays, their decks and playstyles are certainly not for show.

Well, I guess that’s all I can think of for Charaexpo 2016. Overall, despite all the minor hiccups here and there, it was generally a fun experience for us here at Crossbone Vanguards. The hard work we all put in throughout the year really paid off, as at first we started out with barely any foothold, and here we are, a year later, donning our respective passes with pride and gracing the event bringing interesting content, and we couldn’t have done it without all your support. As such, we sincerely thank you all from the bottom of ours hearts and we hope you can continue to give us your support! Charaexpo may have ended, but our journey will never end. Here’s to another great year ahead, and onwards to Charaexpo 2017!


Oh you were wondering where I was? Well…


I was queuing up for the concert, along with Ben.


– Dempster


Chara Expo 2016 – Through the eyes of Crossbone Vanguards

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