Cardfight #50: Leon’s Cosmic Hero Dimension Police Deck Profile

Hey, fighters!

Cardfight #50 sees us pit Leon’s Cosmic Hero Dimension Police deck against JJ’s Blade Wing Dark Irregulars deck. You can check the video above to see the bout, but if you’re interested in seeing the Cosmic Hero deck profile, we have it in this post.

If you want to check out what’s in the Blade Wing deck, click here.

Take note that this build is one that is used for this cardfight. Changes may have been already made at this point in time by the owner. You are welcome to learn from this deck profile, if you are looking to build one, but we highly encourage you to build yours to fit you.

First Vanguard
Cosmic Hero, Grandhop

4 Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat (Critical)
4 Dimensional Robo, Daiwolf (Critical)
2 Operator Girl, Reika (Stand)
2 Cosmic Hero, Grandscold (Stand)
4 Operator Girl, Erika (Heal)

Grade 1s:-
3 Cosmic Hero, Grandrope
1 Cosmic Hero, Grandvicle
3 Cosmic Hero, Grandwagon
2 Cosmic Hero, Grandlady
1 Commander Laurel
4 Cosmic Hero, Grandleaf (Sentinel)

Grade 2s:-
4 Cosmic Hero, Grandvolver
4 Cosmic Hero, Grandfire
3 Cosmic Hero, Grandrifter

Grade 3s:-
4 Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop
4 Great Cosmic Hero, Grandmantle

Strides and G Guardians:-
2 Super Cosmic Hero, X-phoenix
4 Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger
4 Super Cosmic Hero, X-gallop
3 Enigman Patriot
4 Super Cosmic Hero, X-carivou


  • There’s nothing in Vanguard that says “High Vanguard Power” quite like a Cosmic Hero deck. With the new Burst mechanic, it’s all about powering up your Vanguard high enough so their skills can work. That also means if you’re not counting it right, you can end up falling flat on your face, after you realise you don’t have enough to fulfill the Burst conditions. So as you play and practice with this deck, learn your additions at the same time.
  • Stand triggers like Reika and Grandscold carry and add a lot of utility power to a Cosmic Hero deck, in terms of adding power to your Vanguard to fulfill Burst abilities, powering up rear guards, and automatic drawing on attack. When you play with Burst abilities, its more important to have these skills available to you, because of how much they can provide to the deck as a whole throughout the game.
  • This deck does have a lot of draw power to it, with X-gallop and his quadruple drive and Grandrifter’s draw, among others. Taking advantage of these as early as the first stride up to X-phoenix could potentially throw off your opponent’s plan and buy you another turn in the late game. But you can deck out in a drawn out match, if you get carried away with the drawing, so keep that in mind.
  • One thing to note that this deck is a bit heavy on counterblasting. You find yourself relying mainly on taking damage and using Grandvolver’s countercharge skill to recover back. But you aren’t entirely locked down when you are out of counterblasts thanks to the relatively cheap cost of X-tiger’s skill. X-tiger can maintain the pressure on your opponent, as you wait for resources to come. Additionally, you can swap out Grandleaf for Cosmic Hero, Grandguard to help with the countercharging, but sticking to Grandleaf to “stick it to your opponent” is not a bad choice either.

As always, if you have any queries, comments or suggestions, feel free to let me, Dempster or Leon know. If you like this and would like to see more Vanguard content that we have come up with, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us here on our blog. You can keep up to date on all of our releases on Twitter@CrossboneVGs, and on our Facebook page. You can also support us over at Patreon, where we have some awesome perks available for you guys.

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– ZaCaptain

Cardfight #50: Leon’s Cosmic Hero Dimension Police Deck Profile

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