Chara Expo 2016 – Interview with Kitta Izumi

As many of you know, Leon, ZaCaptain and I were at C3 Chara Expo 2016 earlier today. Cap was busy with his usual stuff at Dueller’s Point’s booth while Leon and I did the media coverage by walking around the event hall, taking lots of weird pictures (which will come in at a later post) and basically being our weird selves.

Wait, this sounded like what we did last year, right? Oops.

This year, however, is very special for us, because we were very honoured to conduct an interview with the voice actress for one of Cardfight!! Vanguard’s characters Tokura Misaki – Kitta Izumi!


As many of the faithful followers of the Vanguard anime would know, Kitta Izumi is the voice actress for Tokura Misaki, the big sister figure and main user of Oracle Think Tank and Genesis, who is known for her eidetic memory and her calm and collected personality. What many fans may ALSO know, is that Kitta-san is also a gyoza (dumpling) critic, as well as Japan’s representative for gyoza.

We sat down and had a nice chat (because interview sounds too formal—okay fine it was an interview) with Kitta-san, with me asking the questions in both English and Japanese.

CV: Do you have any preferred way of making or eating gyoza?

Kitta: I’ve written about (my preferred way of making gyoza) in my book (本日も餃子日和) that was published in May, so you can take a look at it there. As for my preferred way of eating gyoza, when it’s hot, I like to cool them and eat them with lemon squeezed on top.

CV: As Tokura Misaki, what do you think is the most important aspect about Vanguard?

Kitta: Nowadays you are able to play games on your own at home, but for card games you can go to tournaments and events and mix around with other players, so I feel that communication with other people is the most important aspect about Vanguard.

CV: How well do you think your memory is compared to Misaki?

Not at all! (laughs) As a voice actor, you can look at the script when you are voice acting, so that’s a good thing, but I cannot be a stage actor because I cannot memorise my lines.

CV: How big will the role be for Misaki for Stride Gate Arc?

I think it will not be very big! (laughs) Misaki appeared in the previous episode (Turn 37: The Trio, Again) in a swimsuit, and was done for fan service purposes to please the male fans. (by this time we were laughing pretty hard)

CV: In Chara Expo last year, (Dempster) asked Morishima Shuuta whether he chose Genesis or Oracle Think Tank (as a reference to one of the older episodes last year), and he chose Oracle. What would you choose?

Kitta: Oracle! I’ve been using the clan for a very long time, so I will still choose to use Oracle now.

CV: If you were to choose any other clan to use other than Oracle Think Tank or Genesis, which clan would you choose?

Kitta: Pale Moon! I like how cool Asaka-san is when she uses the whip, and I would like to be like her one day. (at this point we were discussing a little about which unit uses a whip and we thought it was Luquier, but gave up after a while because we forgot)

CV: Do you have any favourite food here in Singapore? Gyoza doesn’t count. (laughs)

I can’t really take spicy food well, so I like the Black Pepper Crab here the most.

CV: Any messages you would like to say to the fans in Singapore?

Kitta: I think I’ve come to Singapore for around 10 times, but every time I come here, the food’s always great, the people here are kind and it’s really safe here, so I never get tired of it. I was invited to this event, so coming here with the staff members feels like a school trip to me, and I wish that I can come to Singapore more than once every year.

Thank you very much for your time, Kitta-san, and we hope to see you again soon!
– Dempster

Chara Expo 2016 – Interview with Kitta Izumi

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