Campus Game Fest, Day 1: G Quest!!

The time has come for us to embark on what may be mankind’s greatest journey. Who knows what perils may lie ahead, or what difficult trials we would have to overcome. So get ready and prepare your weapons…


Well, decks actually. Because it’s time for… the Crossbone Vanguards G Quest!

For those keeping up to date with us here, we had released the official G Quest list just a few days ago, and just earlier today we had the honour of conducting this one-day event at the Campus Game Fest at ITE College Central today!

As always, much thanks to Dempster for the awesome photographs.

Say hi, everyone!


Well, it was a busy morning so please pardon us for not noticing the camera.

The day opened bright and not-so early with few people, but soon we had our booth filled up nicely.


Aside from the enthusiastic people who came ready to rumble with the various decks in their arsenal, we also had people who came by to play a few rounds. We also held tutorial sessions today for players who were interested in Cardfight!! Vanguard but have yet to try the game.

Of course, some of us also had the opportunity to join in the fun!


For this G Quest, we had our challengers attempt our lists of quests categorised by their level of difficulty. Like the game itself, the ranks begin from Grade 0 and go all the way up to grade 4. In order to become a Generation Master, one must complete all the challenges we have set in place.

Of course, we begin with the “first vanguard”, for a journey of a thousand miles always starts with a single step, yes? As such, the road of endless fights must begin with, of course, a fight. It is an uphill climb, no doubt, as it gets much more challenging from there, as the road to becoming a Generation Master is most definite not easy.

However, we were amazed that we ended up with not one, but two Generation Masters! Let’s give these gentlemen a round of applause in congratulation, shall we?



There are also several others who were close, making it to grade three. However, what was important was that everyone had lots of fun today, giving it their very best!

For those who are unable to join us today or had fallen short of what you wanted to achieve, do not feel down! There will be another chance for you to do so, and when there is we will be sure to let you know!

There will be tournaments held over the weekend where we are at CGF, so if you have the time do head down and participate! Click here for more information!

Here ends my short coverage for today. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Happy fighting!

— Josephine

Campus Game Fest, Day 1: G Quest!!

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