Encore, encore! – ZaCaptain’s 2nd Pale Moon Nightmare Doll Deck Profile

Hey, fighters!

It’s been a while since we got a request for a deck profile. We know that we haven’t been as diligent here, but we are working out our plans for this blog and you guys will know what’s going on soon.

In the meantime, I present to you my Nightmare Dolls Pale Moon deck profile, as featured in the cardfight above, alongside the Granblue Trial Deck.

This deck has been upgraded since its last showing, which you can see right here. Let’s get straight into that right now.

First Vanguard:-
Happiness Collector

4 Nightmare Doll, Mirabel (Critical)
2 Dynamite Juggler (Critical)
4 Prankster Girl of Mirrorland (Stand)
2 Rainbow Magician (Draw)
4 Candy Clown (Heal)

Grade 1s:-
3 Nightmare Doll, Leslie
3 Masquerade Bunny
2 Purple Trapezist
3 Hades Hypnotist (Sentinel)
1 Water Juggler (Sentinel)

Grade 2s:-
2 Card Dealer, Jacqueline
2 Silver Thorn Marionette, Lillian
2 Nitro Juggler
3 Nightmare Doll, Ginny
2 Peek-a-boo
2 Nightmare Doll Master, Brenda

Grade 3s:-
3 Nightmare Doll, Alice
3 Nightmare Doll, Catherine
2 Masked Magician, Harri

Grade 4s:-
2 Nightmare Doll of the Abyss, Beatrix

Some points to take note:-

  • Because I was against a Granblue Trial Deck, I limited myself to two stride units for the sake of fairness to the new deck. The full Stride list I play with this deck is:-
  • Just like the last build, this one’s game plan remains the same. Plan A for “Unlimited Alice Works”. Plan B for “Lunatec Striding”
    • The aim remains the same. Ride to Nightmare Doll, Catherine with a Nightmare Doll, Alice in hand. Then get another Alice and Ginny into the soul. Go to Plan B with Masked Magician, Harri and begin striding. Your counterblasts either go to calling units using Harri’s on-stride skill or for Alice’s skills.
  • I chose to go with Happiness Collector as a starter instead of Girl Who Crossed the Gap or Dreaming Bicorn, because I now have units like Card Dealer, Jacqueline and Nightmare Doll Master, Brenda to help out with calling units from the soul. Happiness Collector’s soul charge will help to pay for Peek-a-boo’s Soul Blast 1 cost, whenever I need it to come out from the soul.
  • Speaking of Peek-a-boo, him and Silver Thorn Marionette, Lillian does help with the Workeroid count in the deck. With Peek-a-boo, he makes it easier to have the 3 Workeroids I need for Beatrix’s skill.
  • I haven’t fully considered it yet, but if played right, Curtain Call Announcer, Mephisto can be a great addition to this deck, whether your Vanguard is Catherine or Harri. Since it focuses more on your strides with the Magia ability face up, you can essentially use him to set yourself up, while giving a good beatdown. Experiment and see what you can do with the new boosts in GBT06.

That is pretty much all that I can think of for this deck. Most of my thoughts can be seen in my previous build of the deck, but if you have any queries, comments or suggestions, feel free to let Dempster, Leon or myself know.

Please do note that this is just how I built and play my deck. Everyone has different ways to build it, so feel free to be inspired by this build, and build your own as how you like it to be built.

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If you have any cardfight or deck profile requests, do leave them on our videos, and we will try our best to bring them to you. Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you soon!

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– ZaCaptain

Encore, encore! – ZaCaptain’s 2nd Pale Moon Nightmare Doll Deck Profile

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