THEY SEE ME BINDING AND THEY HATIN’ – Leon’s Narukami Vanquisher Deck Profile

Hello, everyone~

Hopefully, everyone has a great start to the new year of 2016. It’s been awhile so let us get started on another deck profile, requested this time by the YouTube handle James Liputra on our recently released Fight Video,  which is between my two Narukami decks, Vanquisher vs Eradicators.

So allow me to spark your ideas and light them up~!


First Vanguard:
Wildrun Dragoon

Lightning of Triumphant Return, Reseph (Critcal)
Plasma Dance Dragon (Critical)
Dragon Dancer, Vianne (Stand)
4 Deity of Love, Kama

Grade 1:
Dragon Dancer, Bernadette X1
Mighty Bolt Dragoon X4
Chain-bolt Dragoon X4
Dragon Dancer, Anastasia (Sentinel)

Grade 2:
Wyvern Strike, Bargs
Demonic Dragon Berserker, Chatura
Voltage Horn Dragon
Rockclimb Dragoon

Grade 3:
Dragonic Vanquisher
Dragonic Kaiser Crimson
1 Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion

Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher “VOLTAGE”
Conquering Supreme Dragon, Conquest Dragon
Lightning Dragon Knight, Zorras

Some points to take note of:

  • This deck is built for one purpose, BINDING.
    • Nearly almost every card in this deck has a way to send in the dark clouds to bind your opponent’s card one way or another, even if they choose not to call any units in the front for Vanquisher to kick. The more binds you do, the more effective it gets for “Voltage to make even your lowest power unit formidable with its continuous +3K for each bind card in the bind zone.
    • HOWEVER, just like another other G-Format decks, everything in this deck consists of GB1, so in the case that when your opponent misgrades or grade locks you, there will be problems.
  • The deck consist of some cards to help lift the stress off fighting misgraded/grade locking opponents. Bargs (or any 10k vanilla), Chatura and Vermillion are not bound by the GB/Legion restriction.
    • Crimson works nicely as a backup for most Vanquisher builds because of its free cost Limit Break and destructive front row attacks, in the case that you ran out of counterblast or even G-units to stride.
  • There are a lot of Narukami players who don’t have a habit of playing stands in their decks. In my opinion for Vanquisher, it would a great addition to it, based on the fact that Vianne has the abilities to help counter charge and draw. It’s an alternate option to the PG that counter charges, especially since you don’t always get to use that. The more the better. Plus, when “VOLTAGE”‘s skill activates, the stand will no doubt throw your opponent off in that last assault. Also, of note, in the case of being Grade Locked, the stand trigger can help you stay in the beat for additional attacks.

So these are the cards contained in my personal Vanquisher deck. I would like to iterate here that this deck profile is my own build. You can build yours based off mine, or build one completely of your own design. There are more than just one way to play Vanquisher so just add whatever that you want to Ride The Lightning!

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions, feel free to let Dempster, Captain or myself know. If you like this and would like to see more Vanguard content that we have come up with, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us here on our blog. You can keep up to date on all of our releases on Twitter @CrossboneVGs, and on our Facebook page here.

If you have any cardfights or deck profile requests, do leave them on our videos, and we will try our best to bring them to you. Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you soon!

Have fun~!
– Leon

THEY SEE ME BINDING AND THEY HATIN’ – Leon’s Narukami Vanquisher Deck Profile

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