Cardfight!! Online: New Trailer and Closed Beta News

We have a news update for this game! Yay!

The official Cardfight!! Online Facebook page posted this new trailer up for Cardfight!! Online. For us veteran cardfighters out there, there isn’t much to take away from it. For me, Leon and Dempster personally, we’re just happy to see the trailer well done, with good narration.

The trailer serves as an introduction to new players, about what the clans are like, with some having a short introduction of how the deck plays out, like with Neo Nectar and their “duplicative powers”.

The game is coming soon in 2016, supporting the delayed release date of Early 2016, in a way. But the news that matter here is the following:

“We are looking for players to help us test Cardfight!! Online in our upcoming Closed Beta phase. Do you want to be one of the first few people in the world to test out Cardfight!! Online? Closed Beta participants will receive a mystery reward in the live game as a token of appreciation for their help during the phase. Stay tuned for further announcement!”

Their Closed Beta phase is upon us, and if you’re as hyped up about Cardfight!! Online as we are, here at Crossbone Vanguards, you’d very much like in for the game as early as possible.

I’ve visited their website ( and it is currently down, as of this writing. Perhaps they are preparing for more stuff to go up there. In any case, if there is something new on the website, we’ll be sure to discuss them here on the blog.

In the meantime, if we manage to get access to Cardfight!! Online during the Closed Beta, you can be absolutely certain that we’ll bring you gameplay footage from the game, provided Bushiroad allows us to do so. If you like to see how we would go about bringing Cardfight!! Online to you guys, feel free to head over to Dempster’s and my gaming channel at THATBlueTurtle Gaming and ZaCaptain and check out the stuff that we have done in Hearthstone. You may also check out any other games we have played over the past year too.

That’s all we got for you this post. Any more updates that come our way, we’ll put it up here ASAP.

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– Captain

Cardfight!! Online: New Trailer and Closed Beta News

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