Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory!

Another year has passed and apparently the world has not been put to an end by the hands (claws?) of a certain Link Joker archetype. At least not yet, because here we are with yet another update of Cardifght!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory!

We are now left with less than two weeks to the official release date, and there is no telling how many of these updates we have left. Time may be dwindling, but let us get started right away!

Continuing from where we had last left off, let’s us continue with information related to the story. In my previous updates, I included my own predictions as to what may be featured in the gameplay. As not every single detail about the story has been released, I would have to leave some portions for the next update.

In addition, I apologise if it seems that I am being repetitive. But for now, let’s see what we have!

Screenshot 2016-01-01 10.43.57.png

As previously mentioned, this game will contain two stories: the Vanguard-G side focusing on Chrono and the new generation, and the Vanguard side focusing on Aichi and his good mates. On the Vanguard-G side, the player will embark on a journey with Chrono and his team to conquer the national championships. On the Vanguard side, it will focus on the festival that is being held in the town Aichi lives in.

On the Vanguard-G side, I have already mentioned previously how the story would open. For this update, let us focus on the returning and additional features of game play.

Screenshot 2016-01-01 10.43.30

When you think of Vanguard-G, you think of quests! In Stride to Victory, quests play a vital part to the story.

Missions will be carried over from Lock on Victory, however it will be integrated as one type of quest. Other types of quests include quizzes and fights.


When you complete quests, you earn points to grade up on your FICA. Collecting enough points is essential for the story to progress!

Following these, we have the additional features that would make your experience with the game much enjoyable.


Similar to Lock to Victory, Stride to Victory will also include an “easy” mode. However, it does not make your fights any less challenging. What differs in “easy” mode is the number of times you get to mulligan for your ideal hand. As per any usual fight, you get to return as many cards as you like from your first hand to your deck, shuffle it, and redraw as many cards as you have sent back. However, in “easy” mode, you can do this more than once, up to ten times. However, each time you do so, you will lose Vanguard Points, so you may want to reconsider performing extra mulligans.


As mentioned long ago, you can also change how you want your protagonist to begin the match! Select between “Stand up! Vanguard” and “Stand up! The/My/Le Vanguard”, whichever suits your fancy!


And as previously predicted, you will be able to earn extra Vanguard Points if you successfully pull off a final turn. Simply open the menu during your fight and select the “FT” button to make a final turn declaration!


Previously in Lock on Victory, players can fight with other players over the internet or over a local connection. This can also be done on Stride to Victory. In addition, you can earn CP and get cards by fighting with other players. I have only tried this once or twice on Lock on Victory so I am not too sure if this is actually a new feature.

We have come to the end of a very brief update for the Stride to Victory game. There will be at least one more update regarding the Vanguard side of the story but until then, on behalf of everyone here at Crossbone Vanguards, I wish all of you a great year ahead!

Happy fighting!


Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory!

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