Alice Wants To Play – Captain’s Pale Moon Nightmare Doll Deck Profile

Hey fighters!

Last video, I pitted my Pale Moon Nightmare Dolls against JJ’s Aqua Force Ripple decks, played by Dempster.
(Side note: I just noticed the irony of the title on this video being “Attack on Turtle”, given that Nightmare Dolls are giant Workeroids and Ripple units carry swords. I guess the outcome justifies the means)

Youtube handle, Tasrina Rahman, asked for my deck profile. So we’ll start off by raising the curtains to the show!

Just a quick note, my Nightmare Doll deck is a work-in-progress. What I’m listing here is the deck build I played in the video above. I would not call this deck “complete” yet. I find that it still does require more upgrades and playtests. But for anyone looking to get started, this is the idea I have going while building this deck up. I will also list down what I have planned for this deck come Fighters Collection 2015 Winter (FCW).

First Vanguard
Dreaming Bicorn

4 Candy Clown (Heal)
4 Nightmare Doll, Mirebelle (Critical)
2 Dynamite Juggler (Critical)
2 Rainbow Magician (Draw)
4 Mischievous Girl of the Mirrorland (Stand)

Grade 0s:-
Girl Who Crossed The Gap

Grade 1s:-
3 Nightmare Doll, Leslie
2 Tightrope Tumbler
3 Masquerade Bunny
2 Purple Trapezist
3 Hades Hypnotist (Sentinel)
1 Water Juggler (Sentinel)

Grade 2s:-
3 Nightmare Doll, Ginny
2 Darkside Princess
2 Hell’s Gate Magician
2 Nitro Juggler
1 Dancing Princess of the Night Sky

Grade 3s:-
3 Beauteous Beast Tamer, Alexis
3 Nightmare Doll, Alice
2 Nightmare Doll, Catherine

Grade 4s:-
4 Jester Demonic Dragon, Lunatec Dragon
2 Miracle of Luna Square, Clifford

Some points to take note:

  • First off, with your First Vanguard, I used Dreaming Bicorn because once GB1 occurs, he can go ahead and start powering up units for on-hit skills to come into play more easier, like Alice, Alexis, Clifford. It also can force your opponent to guard 5000 more, if you know your numbers well. At current, I changed my First Vanguard to Girl Who Crossed The Gap, realising that I need to be able to rescue units from the soul without needing units to hit, like a second Alice in the soul, or Ginny to start the combo off. Pale Moon is about manipulating your units in your soul to the field, which is what this deck needs to do.
    • However, come FCW, playing as Girl Who Crossed The Gap or Dreaming Bicorn as First Vanguard will become a toss-up, depending on whether building up for Alice’s combo is possible once Brenda gets included in the deck.
  • There are two plans to this deck, which I coined as “Unlimited Alice Works” and “Lunatec Striding”.
    • Plan A is the way you start playing this deck by doing your best to get Alice into your soul and having one on hand. Of course you need Catherine there as well. Ginny completes the combo, for when Alice’s attack does hit. But your priority has to go into getting a Nightmare Doll, Alice in your soul and your hand, with your Vanguard being Nightmare Doll, Catherine.
    • Plan B is to jump into Striding. If you can’t do the Alice combo, anymore or at all, you will want to stride up until you get to Lunatec Dragon’s GB3, either for the kill or to burn his Sentinels away, depending on when you do it.
      • With Beatrix in play, getting up to GB1 will become a lot less clunky. Having most of your grade 3s being Nightmare Dolls will help make sure Beatrix stays viable as a first Stride. Even though riding up to Alice is second last thing you want to do, it’s better than riding up to a non-Nightmare Doll unit.
  • As it is a Pale Moon deck, there are plenty of units that Soul Charge. Nitro Juggler, Rainbow Magician, Tightrope Tumbler and Beauteous Beast Tamer, Alexis will get you at least units you can call out with Girl Who Crossed The Gap. Outside of using Nightmare Doll, Catherine’s on ride skill, and Mischievous Girl of the Mirrorland’s GB1 skill, it’s the only thing you got left to rely on for you to try and get the units you need. However, this isn’t Dark Irregulars, so you don’t need too much soul. At most, the extra soul can be used for Hell’s Gate Magician’s Soulblast cost, to filter out what you don’t need, and even call out a unit you might need to get out of the soul, even if it is just for a turn, like Darkside Princess.
  • Now, what’s the point of putting in 1 Dancing Princess of the Night Sky? Simple. I don’t have that many other Pale Moon cards hehe. But she does prove helpful from time to time. I can call her out to place Ginny or Tightrope Tumbler in the soul, but once GB1 is active, her worth goes up a little bit more, when I use her to put Mischievous Girl into the soul. With her skill, I can turn that Counterblast 1, put a grade 2 and lower unit into the soul into a Counterblast 1, put any unit into the soul. Having Darkside Mirror Master to help with Counter Charging helps a lot, but know that Pale Moon doesn’t have a lot of units that can Counter Charge, Daydream Tone, Arny, and Skyhigh Walker being the other two who can, so controling your counterblasts helps.
  • To talk about the flaws of this deck, it is very counter-blast heavy. You must learn when you should stop using Alice’s abilities and save it for another turn. Not only that, Any counterblasts you use that’s not for Alice, is not being used for Alice.
    • Another flaw is a low number of units you can call from the soul to activate Lunatec Dragon’s ability or call out units you need. Magia was created with the purpose of recalling out units from the soul over and over, so long as you have a cost. And without a unit like Masked Magician, Harri, who is able to reliably call units out, thanks to his on-Stride and GB2 skills, you may find your field a little lackluster. If you are going with this, my suggestion is to have Harri in your deck. Girl Who Crossed The Gap and Purple Trapezist can only do so much.
  • Considering Beatrix’s skill, should you increase/maximize your Workeroid count? Yes. Throw in as many Workeroids as you can, where applicable. I say as such, because you must remember what the focus of the deck is, which, in my case, is Plan A: Unlimited Alice Works. And unless you’re playing another Nightmare Doll build, I really don’t believe that you need any other grade 3 Nightmare Doll units in the deck, hogging the spotlight of the Pale Moon Circus from Catherine and Alice.
    • I only started played Pale Moon recently, after acquired an old Season 1 Pale Moon deck from an old friend who quit playing Vanguard. So I will be sticking to whatever Workeroids I find from discard piles in shops and/or from friends who have them somewhere. I don’t intend on hunting them down.

Okay then, I guess it’s time to close the curtains on this post. I hope that you are entertained and enlightened by what I did and will do with my Nightmare Dolls. If you like to see us showcase Nightmare Doll of the Abyss, Beatrix, do subscribe to us on our Youtube Channel. Leave us a comment there and suggest to us an opponent for the Nightmare Dolls, or another cardfight.

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Thank you and have a good night! *whip crack*

Stand up, my Vanguard!
– “Ringmaster” Captain

Alice Wants To Play – Captain’s Pale Moon Nightmare Doll Deck Profile

3 thoughts on “Alice Wants To Play – Captain’s Pale Moon Nightmare Doll Deck Profile

    1. The short answer to that is it will fare decently against them, but they will have an easier time than you do, from stand up to 6 damage.

      In its entirety, it works more similarly to Silver Thorns, making use of Catherine and Alice to its fullest, to attack multiple times, provided you set up right with Ginny and another Alice being in the soul. Missing a piece could leave you without a lot of back up options that a Harri and Silver Thorn deck has.

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