Good day, everyone! Josephine here again with yet another update for Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory! With six weeks to the official release date, the producers have been teasing us with previews of the game, updated system and more! Regardless of whether you have played the previous games or not, these little bits of news are sure to keep you anticipated for the release of this one.

From what was covered during our previous updates, the official site unveiled two sections: the tokuten (privileges/bonus gifts) as well as the much awaited cards! Let us begin with the latter.

As usual, the following images are taken from the official site!

Screenshot 2015-12-04 08.00.52

Stride to Victory includes over 3,800 cards, with support for all clans up to the G Comic Booster “Vanguard and Deletor” excluding the title booster Touken Ranbu. That is a grand total of 24 trial decks, 21 booster sets, one movie booster, 13 extra boosters, one clan booster, one comic booster, three sets of Fighter’s Collection cards and at least three hundred Promo Cards. And this is only an estimate!

Similar to the previous games, there are two in-game currencies: VP (which I presume is “Vanguard Points”) as well as CP (“Card Points”). In the first two games, VP is earned as the player progresses through the game, from missions, in-game shop tournaments and in free fights with non-playable characters.

Screenshot 2015-12-04 08.05.54

Unlike VP, CP is earned from buying packs. In Lock on Victory, you can also earn CP from winning the shop tournament. If you have more than four of the same card in your collection, the fifth or more of that card you obtain will be automatically converted into CP. CP is also earned if you win the shop-tournament. More about CP will be covered in a later section in this article.

First things first, we’ll start with buying cards to be used in the game itself. From the previews, it seems that our enthusiastic part-timer, Kamui, now replaces Shin as the shop attendant.

Screenshot 2015-12-04 08.01.44

Have you ever wandered into your local shop and wondered which pack you should buy, especially when you have a certain clan in mind but had forgotten to do your research beforehand? Well, fortunately, in this game you do not have to worry! Now, the game is able to sort the booster packs for sale by clan! Unless you intend to obtain units from a particular sub-clan/archetype, this is will definitely be a blessing for you.

Screenshot 2015-12-04 08.02.10

In addition, you can now sort your newly-obtained cards by their name, rarity, clan and so on right after opening packs. You can also check the cards that you have already obtained four copies of by selecting the R button.

Screenshot 2015-12-04 08.05.26

Also, before deciding whether you should buy cards from a particular booster pack, you may want to check how many copies of the card you intend to get first. Of course, you do not want to accidentally waste your hard-earned VP on cards that you forgot that you already have (unless your intention is to earn more CP!). Now, you can check the number of cards you have obtained before you buy packs, as well as those you have yet to obtain.. If I am not mistaken, this is carried over from the Buddyfight 3DS game.

Following this, is the promised information about the use of CP.

Screenshot 2015-12-04 08.06.21

In Lock on Victory, the only uses for CP was to purchase card sleeves and to buy a special pack that contains both Promo Cards as well as those from the Fighter’s Collection. In Stride to Victory, players can now exchange their CP for cards! However, be warned that if you did not obtain at least one copy of the card from the packs you will not be allowed to perform this exchange. You can still purchase sleeves and the special pack if you wish.

Screenshot 2015-12-04 08.08.37

As mentioned in a previous update, you can also receive a set of five exclusive Promo Cards with each physical copy of the game purchased! That means that you will not be able to receive this set if you had purchased the game via Nintendo’s e-shop. Not only are these cards the stride fodders for Thavas, Altmile, Chronojet, Ranunculus and Messiah respectively, but they have been reprinted in the style of SP cards! Fighters who love your SPs, you may not want to miss out on this!


In addition, there is a special card-sized cleaner cloth for those who pre-ordered the game, but this is probably only available in Japan.

Unfortunately, this is all we have for now. It seems that there will be even more snippets in the next copy of Monthly Bushiroad releasing on the 8th of this month in Japan, so do pick up a copy if it is available in your region!

Until next time: happy fighting!

Listen; the angel’s requiem that signals the end of life’s long journey! Stride generation!
— Josephine


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