Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride to Victory!

Good day, everyone! Josephine here, and I will be bringing you an update of the Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride to Victory game! Seeing how I was feeding Dempster with all the information prior to before I officially joined the group, I am now replacing him in writing the updates. I do not know if I would be a sufficient replacement, but please take care of me from here on out.

First things first, for those who have known, the official site has been providing daily updates on their official twitter (@vanguard_3ds) regarding more details on their previously-released “Progress Points” section. Dempster has already highlighted some in his previous post, but I will highlight some of the more-important updates in summary. Do note that all images below are from the official twitter account!


When buying booster packs in Lock on Victory, the menu only lists the breakdowns of the number of cards obtained per clan and per rarity. This system was improved in “Future Card!! Buddyfight: The Explosive Passionate Fight of Friendship!”, and will also be used in this game as well. Players can now have a visual catalog of the cards they have already obtained.


When Bushiroad first released the cards for the Legion Mate era, they also implemented the Clan Fight format, where participants could only build a deck consisting of one clan. However, with Cardfight!! Vanguard G, the Extreme Fight format was introduced. Seeing how this game introduces both the legion and stride mechanics, it is not surprising how the two formats are also implemented.

Here where we are in Singapore, Extreme Fight format is still not as popular as it is in Japan. However, being able to build a deck on the console and test it out with friends (who also own the game of course) does sound fun, non?


Now, I am sure many of you admire the characters and use some of their lines while fighting with your mates in real life. In particular, right at the beginning of the match when you stand up your vanguards. So, if you can do so in real life, why not in a game? In Stride to Victory, you can now choose for your character to begin the fight with either “Stand up! The/My/Le Vanguard” (or just the default “Stand up! Vanguard!”) for a more personalised experience. Below is a preview of the page in the settings/options page.


Personally, I am quite fond of “Stand up, my Vanguard!” as I feel that there is a personal connection with the units that I place my trust in. Naturally, the lines will be accompanied with your avatar’s voice.


The last of the highlights, and something that some of us are going crazy over, is the ability to declare “Final Turn!” during a fight! Dempster already covered this in his previous update but this is really too awesome to not mention once more! To declare your final turn, simply select the button in the menu, probably at the beginning of your turn. This is just my own prediction, but you would probably earn more points for a successful final turn. That aside, it certainly brings things up a notch.

In addition to these, the official site has also opened the movie page, containing the much-awaited preview videos! First up is the promo-video that summarises what the game will include and also the new mechanics: legion and stride!

According to the video, the game will center around the protagonist aiming for the national championships along with the members of TRY3. Along the way, there are many quests to complete! Although, since our trio now have a fourth member they should consider changing their name. Just joking, of course!


Aside from the promotion video, we also get sample cut-ins of the ten progtagonists we can play as! For those who do not know, cut-ins are the mini-animated scenes that are shown when (using the previous game “Lock on Victory” as an example) the characters rides up to grade three, break rides and performs limit and ultimate breaks. The new cut-ins gives us a peek into the two new mechanics previously mentioned: stride and legion.

Below are the ten clips, with the lines in kanji, romaji and of course, translations. Do note that these lines were cut from an entire scene, so some lines may seem out of context from a translator’s point of view. I have tried to make my own assumptions for Hanashima Kirara, although I did not have much luck in doing so for the rest.

Well then, here we go!

Izumi Keisuke (CV: Kobayashi Yuusuke)
「… 僕が望む未来を映せ!ストライド·ジェネレーション‼︎」 (… Boku ga nozomu mirai wo utsuse! Stride Generation!!)
“… project the future that I desire! Stride Generation!!”


Sakura Yui (CV: Serizawa Yuu)
「… 飛び出せ!時空を超えて!ストライド·ジェネレーション‼︎」(… tobidase! Jikuu wo koete! Stride Generation!!)
“… fly out! Overcome space and time! Stride Generation!!”


Tachibana Atsushi (CV: Hiyama Nobuyuki)
「… 道を照らす炎!全ての闇を焼き潰し、新たな世界へ俺に誘え!ストライド·ジェネレーション‼︎」(… michi wo terasu honoo! Subete no yami wo yakitsubushi, arata na sekai he ore ni izanae! Stride Generation!)
“… the flame that illuminates the way! Burn away all darkness, entice me towards a brand new world! Stride Generation!!”


Kusakabe An (CV: Ookubo Rumi)
「… 共に進みましょう!舞!レギオン‼︎」 (… tomo ni susumimashou! Mai! Legion!!)
“… let’s proceed together! Dance! Legion!”


Hyuuga Masato (CV: Miyano Mamoru, voice of Ibuki in Cardfight!! Vanguard G)
「… と共に、そして並び立て!レギオン‼︎」(… to tomo ni, soshite narabitate! Legion!!)
“… along with ???, and now stand together! Legion!!”


Hanashima Kirara (CV: Ueda Reina)
「… (胸に) 秘めて願いは乙女の秘密!幸せいっぱい、胸いっぱい!ストライド·ジェネレーション‼︎」 (… [mune ni] himete negai wa otome no himitsu! Shiawase ippai, mune ippai! Stride Generation!!)
“… the wish that is hiding (in my chest) is a girl’s secret! Plenty of happiness, filling the heart! Stride generation!”


Hyoudo Ryuuto (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki, voice of Morikawa in Cardfight!! Vanguard)
「… 定めの扉を開け!我が真の力を見せる時!ストライド·ジェネレーション‼︎」 (… sadame no tobira wo hirake, waga shin no chikara wo miseru toki! Stride Generation!)
“… open the doors of fate, it is time to show my true power! Stride Generation!”


Mizuki Yukino (CV: Satou Rina, voice of Rati in Cardfight!! Vanguard)
「…互いの力を一つに合わせ、並び立て!レギオン‼︎」(… tagai no chikara wo hitotsu ni awase, narabitate! Legion!)
“… combining the mutual powers into one, stand together! Legion!!”


Narukami Aki (CV: Suzuki Yuuto)
「… 本気で掴む未来、希望の世界。ストライド·ジェネレーション。」 (… honki de tsukamu mirai, kibou no sekai. Stride Generation.)
“… seize the future in earnest, a world of hope. Stride Generation.”


Amane Alice (CV: Minase Inori)
「… 一緒に行くのだ。進め!レギオン‼︎」 (… issho ni iku no da. Susume! Legion!)
“… proceed on together. Go forth! Legion!!”

Unfortunately, that is all we have for this update! Once the official site opens up another section, which would not be too far into the future, I will be rolling back with more updates!

May the flowers guide the path to the future; stride generation!
— Josephine

Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride to Victory!

2 thoughts on “Update: Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride to Victory!

    1. Simple. Taking from Big Crunch Dragon’s skill text, you choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards, and then you lock all of your opponent’s rear-guards in the same column as that unit, chosen unit included.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

      – Captain


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