Vanguard World Grand Prix (WGP) 2015 – A place to hone our (luck) skills

10th October was WGP in Singapore, for the Japanese language Vanguard players. A number of us Crossbone Vanguard members decided to participate in the tournament to see how far we could go, and personally, how much I improved in one year.


Needless to say, there were already a lot of people waiting in line by the time we arrived at the location at 9:00am. Thankfully, some of our friends were already in the queue earlier so we managed to slip ourselves in seamlessly without anyone suspecting. As you can see, Captain was readying his Raizer Fist, ready to kick some butt.


Of course, the tournament was the main attraction, but that didn’t mean there wouldn’t be booths set up in the event hall for people to buy some new accessories or some last minute supplies to upgrade/repair their decks. Of course, I bought a number of second/third sleeves and a set limited edition Umi card sleeves.


Not only that, there was also a small School Idol Festival booth area set up for people who either wanna take a break from Vanguard or to show their dedication for Love Live by playing the game. There were takeaways, of course, and I actually wanted to play it after the tournament ends so that I could take their free gift (fun fact: it’s a set of 9 stickers), but I forgot and got too distracted.


When the tournament actually began, I was at my table a little too early and it took 10 minutes for my opponent to arrive (all of which were not counted in the tournament timing). So I decided to set up my deck and G units. See a familiar pattern? They’re all personas of my favourite voice actress, Mimori Suzuko. Yes, that’s Mimorin herself on my deck. And yes, my dedication can sometimes turn into obsession. I’m proud of it, though.


From here on out, it was Samantha who took the pictures. Thank you very much, Sam!

So in my first match, it was, how should I say, not really good at all. I was playing with Bermuda Triangle (not the one in my deck profile, this was the full on guns blazing build) against a Kagero deck, specifically The Great. I got grade stuck at 2 for two turns and I was forced to G-assist the moment my opponent crit me on the previous turn, so I had to do something in order to minimize the damage I took. Of course, it didn’t turn out well and my opponent was already lucksacking me with a double crit pumped to both sides, and I died a horrible death. I did not even get a chance to stride to Olivia or pull off any combos. What’s more, my opponent wasn’t even doing field clean up as well. It was overall a very one sided match, and it was obvious that I was really frustrated with the outcome. But ehh, a loss is still a loss.


Oh my goodness, we have a friendly fire here! Organisers, what were you thinking??

Here we have Captain and Brian fighting against each other. The outcome? Brian won because Captain did not have the luck to pull off a miracle. It’s okay Cap, I know how you feel.DSC00427

Jiraiya was playing against some kid with a Narukami deck (I have a feeling it’s the Vanquisher build). Of course, Jiraiya won. I mean, how can he not?DSC00428Leon arh, why so unglam XD

Not many pictures were taken, but for the members of Crossbone Vanguards, here’s a basic rundown of how we did:

Me – Lost both matches and got kicked out. First match was already explained in great detail, and second match was against Spike Brothers, a clan which I actually never properly fought against so I was unsure of what it could pull off. Still a close match though, as I managed to corner him with Olivia.

Cap – Lost both matches as well. I can’t remember how the second match went for Cap so if you would like to know, do ask him in the comments below. A word of warning though: make sure his Raizer Fist isn’t up when you do that, or you’ll be eating Double Crits for breakfast.

Leon – Won the first and lost the subsequent two. He was using the Alfred build, mostly of which came from the Comic Booster G-CMB01. Again, I can’t remember how it went for him so feel free to ask him as well. Just don’t be in his field of vision if he decides to pull off a Vermilion on you.

JJ – Managed to get into the tournament quite far as well, but if I recall fell short before hitting top 16. I…don’t remember, I need to confirm with him.

Jiraiya and John – You guys got pretty far in, so great job you guys!

Ben – With a Blau build which has not seen the light of day since its released, Ben went in all the way to Top 8! Congrats Ben, you really did well especially with an old deck that not many people use or expect! Seeing how Blau requires a lot of precision, we can tell just how skilled Ben is.

So that about wraps up WGP 2015 in my own perspective. Even though I got luck sacked to death, I still think I stood my ground and improved quite a lot, seeing how it’s only been literally 1 year since I first started Vanguard. The videos are quite evident of all our potentials, and we’ll only keep climbing higher as time goes on. I may or may not join in the future, but that will be for next year to decide. Thank you for reading this long-ass post, and hope you stay tuned for more fight videos to come!

– Dempster

Vanguard World Grand Prix (WGP) 2015 – A place to hone our (luck) skills

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