Leon’s Gust Blaster Dragon Deck List

Everyone~ Well, recently I have friends and a couple of guys asking me for my Deck List for my Gust Blaster Dragon deck and here you are :3

I played some really old things mainly because I wanna do something different and since I don’t main shadow so I just cramp things I could get my hands on and whoop ass with it anyway haha XD
so now here you are the Deck List for my shadow paladin~
If you want me to do a video of it, just drop me a message 🙂 Peace!

Grade 0: 17
FV: Fullbau X1
Abyss Healer (Heal) X4
Howl Owl (Draw) X4
Revenger, Undead Angel (Critical) X2
Revenger, Air Raid Dragon (Critical) X2
Grim Revenger (Critical) X4

Grade 1: 13
Blaster Javelin X3
Arduous Battle Knight, Claudas X4
Pitch Black Sage, Charon X3
Little Skull Witch, Nemain X1
Dark Shield, Mac Lir  X2

Grade 2: 12
Blaster Dark X1
Skull Witch, Nemain X2
Dark Night Maiden, Macha X2
Darkness Revenger, Rugos X3
Bloodstained Battle Knight, Dorint X4

Grade 3: 8
Dark Mage, Badhabh Caar X1
Phantom Blaster Dragon(Non-Break Ride) X2
Gust Blaster Dragon X2
Blaster Dark “Diablo” X3


Leon’s Gust Blaster Dragon Deck List

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