Okay so it isn’t the most exciting news to hear…

But Dempster, Leon and I will be going to CharaExpo Singapore Day 1, that’s happening on the 20th and 21st of June 2015 at the Singapore Expo, Hall 7 to cover the event.


But instead of us posting our impressions of the event at the end of the night or later, we are gonna be “Live Blogging” during the event itself.

Think of it as tweeting on Twitter, but essentially, the three of us will have a personal post each on this blog. And we will be updating these very posts to tell you guys where we are going to, what we have seen, what we like or don’t like after seeing, and stuff like that.

There will be photos, videos maybe, but you will definitely be able to follow us on our adventures through Hall 7, from the perspective of three different people who will mostly be seeing different things.

As this is an event coverage, we will go through as many things that CharaExpo has to offer, while keeping our focus mainly on Cardfight Vanguard related content.

So spread the word, pick between Team Captain, Team Dempster or Team Leon to follow and join us in the fun that is to come that is CharaExpo 2015.

Stand up, my Vanguard!

Links to Each of our Live Blog Posts for CharaExpo!
Team Dempster
Team Leon
Team Captain

– Captain


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