Dempster’s eventful journey to CharaExpo 2015


Chara Expo is tomorrow, but I’m already so excited about so I might as well start off the post here. Are you guys prepared? Because I sure am……not. There are so many things to prepare and so many things to plan, but I’ll get by somehow.

I will be posting live updates in this post tomorrow when I see something interesting and worth sharing, and will also be adding in time stamps, so follow me if you wanna keep up to date on what I see and what I like!

I’ll see you all tomorrow at Chara Expo!

UPDATE: 20 Jun 09:28


We’re at expo! Cap is casually playing on his 3DS while Leon and Brian are preparing their costume for later on. The ribbon cutting ceremony will be open soon so hope we can capture it in time!

UPDATE: 20 Jun 09:48


Golly look at the queue! This queue extends from the entrance, takes a few bends, and goes all the way to the back of Hall 9. And this is the queue for entry!

UPDATE: 20 Jun 10:19

And we’re inside the event hall! So many people here!

UPDATE: 20 Jun 13:53


Taking a break by playing Vanguard! Here we have Leon and our friend Skull who just got done playing a game. Look at their tired faces xD

UPDATE: 20 Jun 14:03


Cecilia GET! Izumi Sin makes a very good Cecilia, don’t you think?

UPDATE: 20 Jun 18:07


Today has ended off on a high level. I had a lot of fun today and the amount of Vanguard playing is off the charts. I also bought a lot of things (like the United Sanctuary card sleeves and the Vanguard G rubber playmat, just to name a few). I won’t be going to Chara Expo tomorrow but for now, thank you for reading our live updates and I hope you’ve enjoyed them! Hopefully I can finish up a vlog and put it up on time so do stay tuned!

Ride the Vanguard!

– Dempster

Dempster’s eventful journey to CharaExpo 2015

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