Captain’s Log: CharaExpo 2015 – 20th June 2015

Hello everyone, this is your Captain speaking.

Welcome to my personal live blog post for CharaExpo 2015. πŸ™‚

Just to give you guys a heads up on what you can expect to see from my posts, a fair warning that I much like to stay near the Vanguard fight area most of the time. I’m in it for the fun of the game, and as there is a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament happening at CharaExpo, I will definitely look to participating and proving the strength that is Raizer Power!!!!!

But that would make for a boring Live Blog, wouldn’t it? Hehe…

But seriously, I will be walking around the booths and try to be part of as many happenings as I possibly can make it for. One other thing I can confirm that I will be attending is the New Japan Pro Wrestling shows they will be performing. As a pro wrestling fan, this is pretty much as close to a house Show as I can attend, since my wallet forbids me to go to the Singapore Indoor Stadium on July 2nd. You know the one. πŸ™‚

So yeah, a couple of things you guys can expect. I will update this blog post very frequently over the course of tomorrow, telling you of my movements and what I saw and liked and stuff. Not only will I be live blogging, I will be tweeting as well, so hit me up @IAmZaCaptain if you like.

And I won’t be the only one live blogging for the event. My friends, Dempster and Leon, will also have their own personal posts documenting their adventures in CharaExpo, and chances are we will all be blogging about different things. So give their posts a look too, alright?

So expect pictures, videos maybe, and a whole lot of (hopefully) awesome stuff to look forward to, that you will see right here from us at Crossbone Vanguards. πŸ™‚

===Event Coverage Below===

9:30am: So here we are at Singapore Expo, waiting for the doors to open…

Leon is busy helping our friend Brian with his preperations. So me and Dempster are going to the opening now without them. Keep track here and with Dempster and Leon, here at Crossbone Vanguards.

9:37am: At the opening address of CharaExpo, giving their welcome address.  


9:48am: And the line is looooooooooooong!  

9:51am: But we are funnelling in! 
10:19am: Okay so, we’ve been in here for 20 mins now. Some shopping outta the way for me, including this!!  If there ever is a chance to chant “Botchamania!”, I am so in!!!

11:04am: Vanguard Stage just ended.  Hosted by Syuuta Morishima and featuring Tsubasa Yonaga, Izumi Kitta, Akira Itou, Masami Obari and Takaaki Kidani. They went in depth about voicing the characters Sendou Aichi and Tokura Misaki for the voice actors, unit and character designs for the artists and what the future of Vanguard holds from the President of Bushiroad.

Great insight from today’s guests.

Meanwhile, Leon is too busy doing this to update his post. 


11:42am: Woo… Not even lunchtime and walking around the booths hard on me and on my wallet hehe. 
Mitsuru P4 and Gold Vanguard Sleeve from one of the booths selling card game stuff, and new “United Sanctuary” Sleeve and Rubber Cardfight Vanguard G Play Mat from the Bushiroad Booth.

$7 + $10 + $12 + $30 = $59

Plus the $5 for later’s pro wrestling show, my total expenses is $64. Wow.

Time to kick ass in Vanguard and chew bubble gum…  And I can’t chew gum… πŸ˜€

1:47pm: Apologies for the radio silence. Fighting against my old build of a Royal Paladin Donation Build deck.

There’s still more fighting to be done! I’m not satisfied! XD

3:36pm: I’m now ringside for the NJPW show. Waiting for the show to start.


4:00pm: Here we go! NJPW Wrestling World!  

5:34pm: The show ended more than half an hour ago, but the Wrestling World 2015 was great. I am happy that I attended.   

       There were many cool spots. So much so that I neglected photos and my post to report the action.

Now as the day is starting to wind down to end, I’m waiting for another fight hehe.

6:07pm: Okay so day is ending here at CharaExpo Day 1. Dempster, Leon and I will be consolidating our review of Day 1 CharaExpo Singapore and it will be up on the blog soon.

As such, if you have been following my exploits, thank you guys so much for joining me. And I hope that whatever I have put up has been good.

So the Captain will sign out here, you guys. πŸ™‚

Captain’s Log: CharaExpo 2015 – 20th June 2015

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